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China Market Scandal: China Sells Human Flesh As Beef

Thanks to social media almost any information can spread all around the world, easily and super fast. On Facebook were posted images that are quite disturbing and there you can see human flesh that is sold as meat products in Africa by China.

It is very shocking that you actually can see flayed human bodies on the photos and many people saw that on Facebook. The situation is even worse because this information was said by people who worked in those factories. Certain media shared thoughts that China keeps the ‘’good meat’’ for rich countries. This became a real problem and the China’s ambassador strongly denies these words to Zambia.
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These rumors also were spread by locally tabloid. The Chinese ambassador, Yang Iouming explained that people had intention to ruin the good relationship between China and Zambia.

One Facebook user on his age wrote that all people should avoid beef from this brand and especially if you are buying it in markets in African and Afro-Asian countries.

These photos later were revealed at the site with explanation that those photos actually are marketing campaign for a video game from 2012 called Resident Evil 6.

However, the Chinese ambassador still wants to investigate these allegations and the Deputy Minister of Defense of Zambia apologized about their behalf.