Do You Hate Mosquitoes? This Simple Trick Will Stop Them From Ruining Your Spring and Summer

I cannot believe how quickly this winter has gone. We all love Spring and Summer. The nature comes back to life and evenings sitting outdoors are so tranquil. That is if it was not for the dreaded mosquitoes. Do mosquitoes love you, as they love me? I usually end up running inside as they bite.


In order to keep mosquitoes away, I bought citronella candles. I really do not like the smell. I feel like I am breathing in chemicals. Mosquitoes play a role in the ecosystem, but on the other hand, they can carry disease and their bites are very itchy.

The video that you are going to watch below shows you how to make your own mosquito hack for the upcoming buggy seasons.  You will need an empty plastic bottle, brown sugar, warm water, and yeast. Do this trick, and you can enjoy sitting out on those beautiful summer nights.