Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!

Using your smartphone while it is charging has some potential dangers that no one warned you about. Covering the device with your body, dress or bedding also presents a danger of flame or burst from the smartphone which can do serious damage to the body. Just recently, an Indian kid’s hand has been hurt badly when the phone exploded from a supposed expanded radiation caused by low battery.


People think the supposed fact that mobile phones emit radiation when the battery is low is true. However, low battery is not the culprit – the weak sign is. The weak sign your smartphone is getting causes it to work harder and emit more radiation, meaning you should keep your distance from the smartphone when in an elevator, remote country sides or other structures.

The true story about the kid with blown hand was that he used a non-endorsed Chinese charger. Using these fake chargers, you put yourself on an increased risk of blasts and explosions from it that can seriously damage parts of your body. Even the big companies like Samsung are advising their customers not to use non-endorsed chargers for their smartphones.

So, now you know the truth: low battery does is not the culprit for expanded radiation and exploded smartphones.