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Find Out The Five Types For Alerts Of Cancer That Probably You Did Not Know About Their Existence

We have spoken on other occasions of how hard is for a person to suffer from cancer and that has influence on the lives of the family and the friends of the person; because it is a constant struggle to stay away from the death every day. Currently, there are thousands of awareness campaigns for cancer prevention, however, there are types of cancers that are very common worldwide.

While the numbers of patients are increasing every year, there are other types of cancers that if you are not a doctor probably you will not know of its existence. In this article we will tell you about the cancers that have become known in recent times, many people do not speak about them, but they affect equally to the large number of the world population.

Types of cancers you did not know

Pay close attention to the description of these types of cancers, knowing them you will find ways to prevent them. Remember again, that if you want to avoid any bad health condition in your body you need to make an annual checkup with a doctor you trust.

Skin cancer: As usual, when there are some strange things in the foot they are usually left for later, sometimes ignoring small tumors that appear on the feet, which can be very dangerous for your life. You must also be careful, because you can also be at the forefront of skin cancer, bone cancer, vascular cancer and even nerve cancer. Among the most common symptoms of the skin cancer are:

● Awkwardness when you use your feet.
● Strange sensations in the feet.
● Bumps and irregularities on the feet.

Vaginal cancer: Women in the age of menopause are usually more prone to this type of cancer, which generally suffer 1% of the women. Another way that triggers this type of cancer is the human papillomavirus and even the sexually transmitted infections. To prevent an irregularity, you need to visit your gynecologist annually.

Cancer of the salivary gland: According to some numbers, this type of cancer occurs in one of 100,000 people, so it is not common to find. One of the most common symptoms are:

● Lumps in the ear.
● Lumps on the cheek.
● Lumps in the mouth area.

Chordoma: It specifically develops in the human bones, especially in the area of the column and it happens to few people. According to some numbers one of every million suffers. The most common symptoms are:

● Headache
● Bad vision (double vision).
● Pain in the neck.
● Tingling in the arms and the legs.
● Bad function of the intestine and the bladder.
Chondrosarcoma mesenchymal: This is a type of cancer that has not recorded many cases since 1959, it develops in cartilage. Because of its location, it has more ease of spread tumors to the organs.

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