Summer – the time when we can enjoy nature all day long. Except for those annoying mosquitoes which fly around and buzz in our ears, constantly attacking our limbs. Their bites cause itchy bumps which make you go insane, and the worst thing is that those “anti-mosquito” creams and products are not effective against the pests!

Luckily for you, we have 9 plants which will keep mosquitoes away and help you enjoy nature as you should.


Besides being a cat “drug”, catnip is an excellent mosquito repellent as well. Plant one in your garden to keep the pests away, but do so with caution as it will attract cats which will trample your other plants.

Lemon thyme

Scientists from the Ontario University of Guelph say that crushed lemon thyme leaves applied on your skin can reduce mosquito bites by 62%, so have this in mind the next time you’re on a picnic.


Lavender has a calming effect which will reduce your stress and tension, but it can also keep mosquitoes at bay. Keep one in your garden to protect yourself against the pests and have a steady supply of the plant for a relaxing cup of lavender tea.


Basil can be used in the kitchen and garden as well – plant cinnamon basil in a pot or your garden and you will get rid of mosquitoes forever.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm is definitely useful to have around. As it belongs to the mint family, it’s a great natural mosquito repellent, and the plant can also help you in cases of green thumb. However, make sure you contain it to a clear area or a pot as it can be aggressive and take over your garden.


Besides making your garden look great, lemongrass is a natural mosquito repellent which contains an oil known as citronella. Citronella is used in almost all anti-mosquito candles and works by masking the smell of our skin. Plant some lemongrass around the edge of your yard to create a natural barrier against the pests.


Marigolds have beautiful flowers that can keep most insects away, including mosquitoes. They release an aroma known as pyrethrum which will successfully repel them and help you avoid those nasty bites.


Rosemary is an incredible plant that is often used in cooking, but it can also be used to keep mosquitoes away. According to recent studies, sniffing the plant can boost your memory by 75%, which can be quite useful. Plant rosemary in your garden to protect yourself against mosquitoes and use it to enhance the flavor of your meals.


Garlic gives your food incredible flavor, but also protects you from colds and the flu. Planting some in your garden will also repel insects such as mosquitoes as they cannot stand its smell. And, while it’s not possible to eat enough garlic to keep the pests away, having it in your garden will protect your yard from insects and keep you safe from harm.