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Her Feet In Water Put With Garlic And This Is What Happened

Ways to properly use garlic

Garlic is a remedy for pimples

Crushed garlic to masks and lotions for the face is added. However, the simplest way to eliminate acne and blackheads is rubbing a little garlic juice on inflamed parts of the skin. Thus outbreaks of pimples will dry up fast disappearing

Treatment for athlete’s foot

Garlic is a powerful anti-fungal ingredient. These baths with garlic have gained special popularity: 10 cloves garlic for 1 liter of hot water. However, you can easily mix with olive oil in ratio of 1: 1, to give a mixture serves to lubricate and rub the affected skin area.

Remedy for toothache

There has been a long time proven recipe: Place a small clove of garlic between the gums and inside the cheeks, on the tooth that hurts. The pain goes away quickly.

To remove a splinter

A splinter will come if you put on it a little chopped garlic, wrap with a bandage and leave it for an hour.

If there is a crack in eyeglasses

The old and proven way: With a few cloves of garlic, rub the cracks with juice. In any case, the crack will not propagate further.

Why put garlic in your mouth?

● Garlic perfectly purifies the blood

● Stimulates appetite

● Protects against influenza epidemics and other respiratory diseases

● Promotes immunity incredibly

● It is useful against anemia

● For the treatment of chronic bronchitis

● It helps the kidneys and bladder

● Clean Skin


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