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Never Turn On The Air Conditioning Immediately After Entering Your Car: The Reason is Scary

Be very careful: This is not about changing the temperature or acclimatization! This is something much worse! Many drivers don’t realize the danger that threatens them, and this article is here to explain why you shouldn’t turn on the air conditioner immediately after entering the car.

The main reason is medical. When the car is parked in the shade, it produces between 400 and 800 milligrams of benzene, also known as benzol. It’s a colorless liquid with sweet smell, which easily dissolves in water and mixes with air. It is also flammable.
car air

It is used in the production of plastics, explosives, pints, and as a solvent. At high temperatures, the amount of benzene produced in the car reaches 4000 milligrams, even 40 times more than what is allowed by the rules! SO, according to this, if upon entering the car our windows are closed, we directly inhale large amount of benzene and we’re hurting our kidneys, liver and bones.

The worst thing is that our body cannot easily get rid of this toxic substance from the body, and a large part of it remains in us. So, what can we do to protect ourselves?

We should open all windows and doors and ventilate the interior, at least 2 to 5 minutes. Then, we can turn on the air conditioning and remove the accumulated toxins.


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