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Stop Poisoning Your Family And Yourself: Never Reheat These 7 foods!

For those who bothered to cook always have an option- ready meals. Popping  in the oven or microwave . But is it healthy? We give 7 reasons you should not eating these ready meals. So, start preparing simple, nourishing food again.

Fake vitamins and minerals. 
Not getting your vitamin supplements every day plus these fake one in ready meals where  nutrients are  stripped out is not good. Also  most multivitamin supplements we take are processed, which is very bad news.  These vitamins are cheap , last a long time,they are  synthetic vitamins and minerals and we  have trouble  digesting them . also  they may have chemical compounds that are never meant to be eaten by humans.. Here are some great recipe ideas for cooking faster and healthier.

The portions are rather small. 
In  a massive industry and the economies of scale tons of chicken tikka or half a million kebabs are processed in one day.  You are eating a smaller amount of preservatives and additives. But it causes other problem- you will feel hungry soon and it makes you start snacking  more unhealthy stuff. See that it is a vicious circle

Contain too many vegetable oils 
To avoid this make sure that any ready meals you must have are more protein and plant based- it is certainly a healthier option.  Lots of vegetable oils are such as canola, cottonseed oil, sunflower, corn and contain lots of polyunsaturated fatty acids – bad for you. Vegetable oils can cause inflammation also  may contribute to heart disease. None of these meals contain olive or coconut oil which are healthy but expensive for this industry.

 They contain too many chemicals 
Lots of other ingredients you can see on the label lengthen the shelf life , not leghten ours  I often see chemicals on the label such as:

Artificial flavor, Chromium amino acid chelate,Sucralose,Mono and diglycerides, Dipotassium phosphate,Maltodextrin,Glycerin,Sodium caseinate
These chemicals have been tested for safety, but not go back to some real nourishment.

 They are packed with sugar 
Chinese sweet and sour dish  is one of the worst offenders as regards sugar levels. Just one serving was found to have 50.7 grams of sugar. That is on top of all the other sugar consumed-day in coffee, soda and cookies.World Health Organization recommends daily amount of sugar should be around 25 grams -about 6 teaspoons, . Too much sugar has been linked to obesity, cancer, and diabetes.

But this  not refer to the fruit sugars, vegetables, and milk as these are regarded as healthy.

 They contain too much salt 
because the ingredients have been frozen , transported  thousands of miles they tend to lose their flavor. To spice them up the best  is to add salt – easy and cheap, but disastrous for your health. Salt causes high blood pressure and heart disease, also cause osteoporosis, kidney stones, and may have link to stomach cancer. RDA (recommended daily amount) is 6 grams. Labels on ready meals say that there is a certain amount of sodium, now you must multiply that by 2.5 times to get the salt figure. If you see sodium reported as 2.4 grams, it is already reached your daily limit. This to mislead customers.

 They are mass produced 
Good  for business but not  waistline,these companies want you to eat more and more. Of course  It helps the economy but doesn’t benefit  you. Michael Moss’s Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us,will  shock you.

They cut simmering time in half and use salt instead the flavor.  And herbs are too expensive .These companies are in a giant industry of ready meals made in enormous quantities. Meaning long distances, warehouses, and endless storage and refrigeration. In addition to mention coloring agents, chemicals, and all the preservatives  which are the only way to get to supermarket shelf.