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The True Cause Of Pain: How The Spine Is Connected To Internal Organs

Sometimes, the problems with the spine can lead to pain in other body parts, which may be the reason why treatments often fail to deliver positive results.

Namely, treating the part of the body where the pain is felt does not actually target the root problem, which is apparently in the spine. Therefore, you need to take proper care of it and all problems associated with the spine.

It turns out that knowing the part of the spine where the pain is felt can tell a lot about the issues centered in other body organs.

The following infographic shows the connection of the spine with the internal organs:

●  If you are experiencing pain or a tingling sensation in the hands, you should check the spine in the area of the neck;

●  Even 70% of the headaches are caused by spine issues;

●  The problems with the lumbar spine may reduce the sensitivity in the legs, impede walking, and cause pain in the thighs and hips;

●  The pain in the stomach, intestines, and heart may be a result of issues with the chest part of the spine;

●  Vision problems, tinnitus, and difficulties when swallowing can be caused by an intervertebral disc dysfunction.

Hence, you should regularly exercise and try your best to strengthen the spine and treat all issues related to it, in order to treat and prevent problems with other organs in your body.


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