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A Banana Cut Into Pieces And Put It In A Bottle Of Water And Sees The Results Are Surprising

Home tricks we try relieve your daily life with small tips that will help you solve big problems, in this case pesky flies that are always hanging around bothering our food and our loved ones and ourselves.

Are fruit flies usually getting you the fruit bowl first? Once settled, these unwanted guests usually stay more than necessary. Luckily, there are many simple ways to eliminate fruit flies from your home and do not come back.

Flies appear constantly buzzing around our heads and although no one invite, sit with us at the table in our delicious food.

We will help you avoid a few simple tricks and a very low cost.

This is all you need (besides water):

● Cut the bottle as you see in the image.

● Pour some sugar on the bottom, just enough to cover it.

● Cut the banana into pieces.

● Enter it next to sugar bottle.

● Now filled with water to be covered sugar and bananas.

● Mix well with a fork or spoon.

● Place the top of the bottle as shown in the image.

● Put it in a visible place and you can see how it works.


If you’re going to spray a toxic product, such as Clorox, do it only when the room is well ventilated. Also, think wear a mask. This method is not recommended if you want it to be safe to breathe indoor air.


  1. Question... if the lid is on the bottle top, how do the flies get in?


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