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Eliminates Breast Cysts With Only 2 Ingredients You Have At Home

Having breast cysts and breast cancer need not be the same. Breast cysts can be cured with natural medicine.

It is good to follow a healthy diet to prevent the occurrence of cysts in the breasts or prevent reap rescan then deleting them. It can be a cleansing diet, removing from it everything that increases levels of toxemia.

In addition to recommending foods that should be avoided, they also share a home remedy for sinus cysts to eliminate them completely.

AVOID the following foods

When you have cysts of any kind you should avoid eating:

● Simple carbohydrates: refined white flour and refined white sugar.

● Saturated fats: Animal products, such as meats and fatty meats.

● Methylxanthines: Those containing more this substance are: coffee, black tea, sugary soft drinks and chocolate.
It should try to minimize the consumption of these foods.

Foods that help remove cysts in the breasts

● Vegetables in general and all fruits that contain vitamin C, D, E and K help eliminate breast cysts and cysts in general.

● Iodine: Helps reduce estrogen, also decreasing breast pain.

● Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, hazelnuts

● Evening primrose oil: Take this oil helps reduce the discomfort caused by breast cysts and reduce breast tenderness.

● Green tea extract

Remedies to eliminate cysts in the breasts

* Aloe vera (aloe vera) and Carrot: Drinking aloe vera juice mixed with carrot helps eliminate breast cysts. You can also combine aloe with lemon.

* Castor oil:  can be applied locally compresses with castor oil to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. They left in contact with the breasts for an hour. This is done 3 times a week for 3 months until the cysts disappear and then simply do it once a week to maintain.