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The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods, Time To Start Eating Them

7 groceries have been found to help with cancer treatments in a recent medical research.

They are delicious and appealing to most people and they also have the potential to stop cancer growth!

Some of the items on the list are already favorites to many people, which makes them even more popular. Who doesn’t like black chocolate, red wine, blueberries, tomatoes, turmeric, green tea or curry?

If you regularly consume any of the foods or beverages so far stated, then you are aware how tasty they can be. As it turns out, they can also stop tumor growth, perhaps even more effectively than chemotherapy.

How are they so powerful? During the process of formation, our bodies undergo a stage called angiogenesis, during which all our blood vessels are created. However, this activity does not stop after we are born. It is also present later in our lives when we suffer injuries that cut through our skin, veins, or arteries, and the need for rebuilding the blood canals arises.

Angiogenesis is also…

Have You Ever Rubbed Your Face with a Lemon? Here’s a Good Reason to Do It

Oily skin and clogged pores often result in painful, unpleasant acne that often leave scars on the face. To prevent this, rub the skin with lemon.
You can squeeze lemon juice in a bowl and soak a cotton pad with it. Then drain the excess lemon juice and rub the pad area of ​​the skin that is affected by acne. Allow the treated skin area to dry for about ten minutes. Then rinse your face with water and pat it dry with a clean towel. Repeat the process twice a day.

Lemon and honey Lemon juice can be mixed for example with honey and thus further nourish your skin. Mix both ingredients thoroughly in a bowl and apply the mixture with your fingers on the area of ​​skin with acne and leave it on for five minutes. After that, rinse your skin with water and dry with a clean towel. Repeat the process once a day.

Lemon and egg white Mix one egg and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Divide it into three parts. Apply to skin the first part and leave for five to seven minutes, and then apply the sec…

100% Tested Recipe: This Shampoo Will Stimulate Your Hair Growth and Return its Natural Shine

The hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty around the world, but unfortunately, due to frequent hair treatment chemical treatments, heat (hair dryer, blow drying, straightening), binding, and inadequate care, hair breaks, becomes dry, thin or damaged.
All these factors, along with the daily stress and changes in the body cause increased hair loss.

In order to alleviate hair loss and contributed to its beauty we recommend this recipe that is simply prepared, with an effectiveness of 100%. After several washings of your hair you will notice the first results, your hair will be stronger, fluttery and after two months of regular application you will notice new hair causing an increase in volume.

● Shampoo Nettle (plain liter)
● Panthenol 100 ml (aqueous)
● Drops of nettle 30 ml (one cup)
● AD drops, water solution (one bottle)
● Castor oil 50ml
● Two vials of vitamin B

● In 750 ml of shampoo nettle, mix the vial, panthenol 100 ml whole bottle nettle drops 30ml,…

3 Alkalizing Teatox Recipes to Melt Away Stubborn Belly Fat

One of the most simple detox tips you could continue each day is to remain super hydrated to flush out toxins and waste from the body.

You should aim for 2 liters a day, which includes fruit and vegetables with a high water content, and herbal teas. Herbal teas offer abundance of health benefits including cleansing and alkalizing properties which provide powerful anti-inflammatory action within your body.
Here are some of our go-to combinations that we love to sip on in the Food Matters office.

Green leaf contains theanine, an amino acid that is proven to reduce stress and improve brainpower. It contains a powerhouse of antioxidants and a host of benefits: weight loss, stress lowering, antiviral, decreases arthritis, lowers blood pressure, loaded with polyphenols, flavonoids which function as superior antioxidants and boosts metabolism.

Calming effect on the nervous and digestive system. Relaxes and soothes the muscles throughout the digestive tra…

This Natural Blend Destroy Kidney Infections And Bladder After His First Consumption

If you have an infection in the urinary tract and want to remove it quickly and 100% natural, this article will show you one of the best natural antibiotics.  The natural antibiotic that will show below, is known as miraculous, because after first treatment people recover almost completely.

● 250 g of lime peel.
● 250 g of parsley root.
● 250 g of honey.
● 2 tablespoons olive oil extra virgin.


Cut into small pieces parsley root and place them in the blender with the other ingredients. Mix well and keep the mixture in a glass jar with lid in the refrigerator.


You should take 1 tablespoon of the mixture each morning, preferably 30 minutes before breakfast. Keep drinking the antibiotic to achieve the desired results.

Avoid caffeine and chocolate because they help your urinary tract is full of bacteria faster.

Now that you know this effective natural antibiotic, be encouraged to try it or Recommend it.

See What Happens When You Eat Garlic and Honey on an Empty Stomach for 7 Days

One of the most beneficial vegetables on earth, garlic is found in every kitchen in the world. Apart from giving food a specific flavor, it also treats a number of health issues.

Even though it’s normally consumed cooked, raw garlic is even a more powerful natural remedy.
According to research, garlic has proved extremely beneficial for improving heart health. For one thing, it reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, thus preventing coronary heart disease and the risk of heart failure. It can also effectively reduce the effects of atherosclerosis.

As an extra bonus, garlic can also relieve common health issues including hay fever, traveler’s diarrhea, cold and flu, bug bites and fungal infections.

Regular consumption of garlic can also reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis, diabetes and an enlarged prostate.

Moreover, garlic can boost your immune system and improve your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Whet it’s combined with ginger and onion, garlic can even support detox fr…


Vitamins are organic compounds and vital nutrients which our body needs in certain amounts to grow and develop normally. We usually get all the vitamins we need from the food we eat and certain vitamins our body produces on its own. If we have low levels of some vitamin certain health problems may arise because each vitamin has a specific function in our organism.
Cracks on the lips
If you have cracks on the lips it means that your body lacks iron, zinc and B vitamins (B3, B2 and B12). This deficiency is common among vegetarians because they don’t get enough of these vitamins through their limited diet.

What to eat: You should include more Swiss chard, peanuts and legumes like lentils, then poultry meat, salmon, tuna, eggs, and shellfish. It’ll be easier for your body to absorb iron in combination with vitamin C, which can also help your body fight off infections as well. In addition to the above mentioned foods you should also eat veggies like broccoli, red peppers, kale and cauliflo…

Why You Should Not Throw Away Eggshells?

Despite much publicized cholesterol warnings, more and more research is revealing the many health benefits of eating eggs — everything from strengthening muscles to improving brain function — with most research now showing that an egg or two a day is just fine for most people.
To the majority of people, eggshells are simply trash. But for some people eggshells are a surprisingly useful resource.

A few fun FACTS about egg shells: ● An egg shell is made of calcium carbonate, which is also the main ingredient in some antacids. Each medium sized egg shell has about 750-800 mgs of calcium.
● The shell makes up 9-12 percent of an egg’s total weight, and contains pores that allow oxygen in and carbon dioxide and moisture out.
● The shell color of an egg is representative of the breed of hen that produces the egg. White hens produce white eggs and brown hens produce brown eggs.

A few SURPRISING uses of egg shells: Compost for Naturally Fertilized Soil Eggshells quickly decompose in thecompos…

You’ll Never Throw Another Onion Skin Away After Reading This

This article is dedicated to the amazing antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and medical properties of onion skins, which may come to you as a surprise but it’s true.
Some very interesting information has recently surfaced about the amazing health benefits of onion skins and the high amount of nutritional ingredients they contain. It’s been discovered that onion skins are a rich source of fibers, flavonoids, and vitamins A, C and E. Among the flavonoids we must mention quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. The onion skins are the richest source of quercetin, which has the ability to lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels and eliminate arterial plaque buildup.

Consuming onion skins can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer and gastrointestinal problems.

Here’s how you can use the onion skins to make a tea: Peel an onion and store the skins in a jar. Pour boiling hot water over the …

SECRET RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: For two days 5kg less

Parsley is an amazing herb which is often used as garnish. But in this way, it is consumed in very small amount which is not sufficient to help in the elimination of extra fluids accumulated in the body. American doctor, John R. Christopher recommends herbal medicine as it is very beneficial.
He often emphasizes that parsley is especially effective in treating kidney diseases.

So, parsley can be used against urinary infections and it is considered to be strong diuretic. The root and the leaves can be used in treating various diseases. There are numerous recipes of how to prepare parsley tea.

“Parsley is amazing. On Thursday I had 72 kg, and two days after five kilograms less. It’s not about accumulated fat, but the excess fluid that I had in my body. I feel super light”– said, Anna.

In 1L of boiling water, add 5 tablespoons of large and chopped parsley leaves. Steep for 20 minutes and then strain the water or you can also drink it with the parsley leaves.

“I decided to drink the parsl…


This metabolic diet that lasts 13 days is difficult, but very effective.
The metabolism change is so profound and after 13 days you can return to normal diet. This is not a traditional diet of suffering caused by hunger and one which increases the metabolism of the organism. With the Metabolic diet, you will lose 7 to 20 kg (15 to 44 pounds).
The diet lasts 13 days – no more and no less!
You have to remember that if during the diet, you drink beer, wine, eat candy or chew gum, even to eat less food, you should stop immediately the diet and the effect will be ruined.
You can begin with your diet later, but not within the next six months. The metabolic diet can be reused only after two years, if it is necessary. If you want to have good outcomes, you have to be highly motivated and disciplined and not to deviate from your diet.

Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with one lump of sugar (required)
Lunch: 2 eggs + salad of 200 g. Spinach, cooked in water + 1 tomato
Dinner: 200 g steak, fried…

10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

When it comes to fat burning, running has long been regarded as the most effective workout. Aside from burning calories, it’s also a great cardio as it gets your heart pump more blood. However, running has a major drawback – it’s a high-impact exercise that puts a lot of strain on your knees, thighs, and feet. Also, it only burns about 10 calories a minute, which means it can easily be replaced by other type of exercise which burns as many or even more calories.
Here we recommend 10 exercises that are equally effective as running. They’ll not only help you lose weight, but also get your body into great shape.

1# Cross-Fit Exercises The typical cross-fit workout routine includes a number of different exercises, some of which are quite intense. However, following a strict routine is not necessary for you to benefit from these exercises. Your best option is to search for cross-fit exercises and choose three that target a different muscle group.

2# Kettlebell Swing You can easily include …

10 Reasons to Drink Warm Turmeric Water Every Morning

Turmeric is one of the most useful spices, as it has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. This fantastic spice can be of great help in the treatment of numerous different health conditions.
The main ingredient responsible for all these benefits is curcumin. Its amazing effects and capacity have been proved by more than 7,000 published peer-reviewed scientific articles.

 Therefore, turmeric water is one of the most medicinal beverages you can consume. In order to prepare it, you need to add turmeric to warm water and stir well.

Since the spice will fall on the bottom, you need to stir while you are drinking it as well, in order to obtain best results. Remember to drink the turmeric water warm.

Its consumption will provide numerous health benefits, including:

Relieves arthritis  According to a study of RA patients conducted in 2012, curcumin has a stronger activity than diclofenac, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) in the treatment of p…


We will all agree that there is nothing more unpleasant than cleaning the toilet. But, a clean toilet keeps the entire household healthy so it’s very important to have your toilet perfectly clean and fresh-smelling. The good news is you can prepare your own homemade toilet cleaner that will eliminate all germs and bacteria and also provide fresh smell!

● 160 g of baking soda
● 60 ml of lemon juice
● 1/2 a tablespoon of vinegar
● 1 tablespoon of Hydrogen peroxide (3 %, from the pharmacy)
● 15-20 drops of fragrant oil


Put the baking soda in a bowl and pour in the lemon juice.

Then, combine the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in a small container. Add drop by drop of this mixture in the baking soda mixture. Finally, add fragrant oil of your choice.

Create half-ball shapes using a spoon and put them on some baking paper to dry. You can also add a mixture of even parts of water and vinegar to the toilet bowl if you want. This will keep the tabs together since it for…

Castor Oil Remedy For 25 Diseases: Allergies Disappears As If By Magic

In this article we are going to present you 25 uses of castor oil in treatment of various diseases.
From removing the brown spots on the skin, to heal injury ankle even reducing lower back pain. This amazing oil is cheap and natural remedy that has many positive effects on health, and its applications are limitless.
Holistic medicine castor oil very often for the treatment of diseases which are generally resistant to traditional therapies. Doctor William Mc Gray described in detail his success in treating a numerous diseases with castor oil:

You can whiten brown spots with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.

By massaging the belly with castor oil in the last two months of pregnancy, you will prevent stretch marks.

If you take five drops of castor oil each morning allergies will disappear.

With castor oil wounds, cuts and bruises heal fast if are treated.

Facilitate severe ocular allergies rubbing castor oil in the eyelids before bedtime.

Wrap the injured wrist and left overnight…

Healthy Drink that Will Help You Lose Weight Easily

Women know that there are thousands and thousands of products that claim to help in weight loss, skin tightening and other problems. Magic pills won’t help you lose weight overnight, no, but there is a natural alternative to toxic products and risky diets.
These seeds are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fatty sour. These compounds help improving digestion, appetite control, and can even help reduce blood sugar levels.

The flax seed is lecithin, which helps cleanse the intestines. Natural fatty acids in flax seeds help your body in the fight against excess weight.


● 1 liter of boiling water
● 3 tablespoons flax seeds


● First boil a liter of water and pit three tablespoons of flaxseed in it.
● Prepare the tea in the evening and leave the mixture to stay the night.
● It is best to use a thermos, but if you do not, have one; you can use any type of bowl with a lid. The next morning, strain the mixture.
● You should get a thick liquid.
It is necessary to consume 15…

Mix These 2 Ingredients and See What Happens To Your Skin After Several Minutes

Black pepper oil is rich in helpful minerals and vitamins. For instance, it includes vitamin-A (Beta Carotene), which is very beneficial for ocular health as well as for antioxidant activity. Vitamin-K is important for keeping proper circulatory and metabolic functions, muscles, and bones.
Moreover, it has calcium, potassium and selenium. Calcium is good for bones and potassium for regulating blood pressure, selenium is highly needed for the proper formation of bones, nails, hair follicles and teeth, as well as for proper functioning of the brain.

Below you can read about 4 helpful homemade recipes with black pepper oil. These are excellent and natural ways to hydrate your skin with this oil:

Yogurt and Pepper Exfoliating Mixture Combine one tablespoon of black pepper and two spoons of yogurt. When you get a paste, apply it on clean skin and rub in circular motions for several minutes. At the end, wash with cold water.

This exfoliating mixture will clean your skin, eliminate blemishe…

This Homemade Remedy Is Really Amazing: It cures Varicose Veins, Corns and Cracked Heels in Just 10 Days

As a rule, when we discuss our feet, we can without much of a problem say that dry skin on your feet and cracked heels are the most widely recognized issue. Awful shoes, absence of care, not eating properly and insufficiency of hydration of the skin are the most well-known purposes behind these sorts of issues.
Luckily, there is all natural cure that can help you with this both stylish and well-being issue. This cure, which is made by only 2 substances, will take care of the considerable number of issues that we’ve said above. This astonishing home cure can help you with varicose veins and corns too.


This is what you have to do – blend 250ml 70% liquor and 10 crushed (into dust) aspirins and let it stay for 1-2 days. Blend the subsequent mixture each night and splash a cotton cushions in it. Place the cotton on your heels and afterward wrap with plastic wrap and put it on your socks. Leave it on overnight. Wash, wipe and dry your feet in the morning and apply a greasy crea…

She Soaked Her Feet In Mouthwash And When You Read Why, You Will Immediately Do The Same

Heal your feet and offer them the care they deserve in a simple and easy way with the help of products that you already have in your home.
1. You can get rid of fungal infection if you soak your feet in mouthwash every day for 30 minutes since mouthwash contains important ingredients such as alcohol which is good for curing fungal infections. Some of these are vinegar and lemon juice.

2. You can cure fungal infections on the hands in only 2 weeks if you soak your hands in mouthwash.

3. If you have problems with Athlete’s foot, you can use garlic. Simply put a little bit of garlic between the toes, and leave it like that for 24 hours.

4. Foot corns can be removed with the help of onion. Just cut a thicker slice of onion and soak it into vinegar and then put it on the lower part of the foot and put on a sock. Repeat the process until the corn becomes soft and easily removable.

5. Chili sauce can cure bunions. Put a little bit of sauce and Vaseline on the bunion, and then cover the area…

Baldness Treatment Recipe, After Two Days Your Hair Will Begin To Grow

This article presents an ancient recipe which has helped thousands of people cure baldness and grow more hair. Both sexes can use the remedy and it only contains three ingredients which are present in every household. Here’s how to prepare it:



Olive oil


Warm the olive oil, then add the cinnamon and honey in it while mixing well. Allow the mixture to cool down then massage the hair roots with it and leave it on for 15 minutes. In just a few days, your hair roots will become stronger and your hair will stop falling.
This remedy has been reported as miraculous by many people and it worked after only a few days. Finally, you have found the mixture that will save you from baldness.