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This Vitamin Can Stop Cancer Cell Growth and We Need It Much More Than Doctors Think

If you consider the fact that there’ll be over 1.5 million new cancer cases in the US only in 2016, apart from the already existing ones, you may stop to wonder why modern medicine still haven’t come up with a cure for this deadly disease. However, a recent scientific discovery may change our perspective as to why cancer appears in the first place.

According to latest statistical data, nearly 70% of American children and 75% adults are vitamin D deficient. This is rather alarming if you take in to consideration that this vitamin prevents almost every illness including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. In fact, our overall health is largely dependent on a sufficient daily intake of this nutrient.

What seems to be a real problem in relation to vitamin D and its link to cancer is that most people are unaware of their vitamin D deficiency. Although you can precisely determine your vitamin D levels through a blood test, there are also signs and symptoms your body is sending when you lack …

Women Do Not Ignore These 10 Symptoms of “The Silent Killer”!

Ovarian cancer is becoming more and more common among women and the statistical analysis show that at least 550 women get diagnosed with this cancer every year. The numbers are devastating especially if we take into consideration that ovarian cancer claims more lives than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. The reason behind this astonishing death rate is that the symptoms of ovarian cancer are very vague and until women start noticing that something is wrong it’s usually too late, the cancer has reached its final stage. Nearly 80% of women discover it in the last stage.

It’s not clear what exactly causes it, just like with any other type of cancer but among the highest risk factors we can list age, genetic predisposition and inadequate use of oral contraceptives. It is of vital importance that you detect its symptoms early and knowing what the most common warning signs are can increase your chances of successful treatment and survival significantly. That’s why we’ve co…

Stop Throwing Away Avocado Seeds: They're Potent Cancer Fighters

Due to its innumerate health benefits, we can say that avocado is one of the healthiest foods on Earth.
It is a rich source of healthy fats and healthy nutrients, so it is highly advisable to include it in your daily diet.
Yet, almost all of us constantly throw away its seeds. Apparently, these seeds are edible and what’s more, they are incredibly healthy, as they contain even more healthy ingredients than the fruit itself.
Today, we will reveal some important reasons why you should never throw away avocado seeds again:
Rich in soluble fibersThese seeds are high in  soluble fibers. In fact, they contain more soluble fiber that most other foods.
Boost immunityThese amazing seeds also strengthen your immune system, so they help you prevent common colds and flu, and aid in the destruction of the harmful free radicals. Moreover, there is no doubt that the strong immune system has the ability to fight against various diseases and infections.
Rich in antioxidantsThe avocado seed contains 70% of t…