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12 Reasons Why You Should Grow Mint At Home And How To Do It

The family Lamiaceae is proud to have the Mint or Mentha plant in its rows. Even more so, there are about 13 to 18 varieties of mint altogether.

Mint has an intense smell and taste that many people find refreshing and pleasant. Also, mint provides cooling qualities and it is thus used in many cosmetic products, including: mouthwashes, ointments, toothpaste, bubble baths etc.
Mint is often used in the culinary world as well and it gives each meal, whether it’s sweet or salty a specific flavor. But this is not the end of it. Mint is amazing when it comes to providing health benefit, too.

Read on to learn the best health benefits that mint has to offer.

Encourages Digestion Mint can easily help you deal with indigestion. This herb is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that soothe the stomach. Also, the smell of mint activates the salivary glands and eases the food digestion process by producing digestive enzymes.

These enzymes loosen up the stomach muscles and prevent spasms.

As T…

Burn Bay Leaves In Your Home For These 3 Amazing Health Benefits

The bay leaf, also known under its scientific name, Laurus nobilis, is a leaf from the bay laurel tree.

It is mostly found in the Mediterranean and has been used as a natural remedy for many diseases for centuries back.
The bay laurel tree has been considered to be sacred, and its branches and leaves have been awarded to poets and artists as a sign of accomplishment.

The bay leaves serve many purposes, and it is often used in the cosmetics industry for making perfumes, as well as in the culinary world for cooking.

These leaves are also practiced in medicine, since they offer plenty of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and provide anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Bay leaves provide a lot of benefits if you burn them: Use a couple of bay leaves and place them in an ashtray. Light them up and let the leaves burn for 10 minutes.

What does this provide?

It cures headache: since Bay leaves are full of cineol, pinene and elemicin compounds, these are rele…

12 Subtle Symptoms Of A Thyroid Problem That You Should Never Ignore

Sometimes we can feel that there is some change in our body, but we keep telling ourselves: “There is nothing wrong or serious with it, it is just a cold, or allergy.”

In some cases, this can be true, but often these seemingly innocent signs can indicate a more serious health problem.

So, it is very important to pay attention to the message your body tries to send, especially when it comes to issues with your thyroid.

Even though it is a small gland, the thyroid is responsible for producing thyroid hormone which regulates your heartbeat, temperature, and metabolism.

To be able to spot some of the early warning signs of thyroid issues, keep reading and found out which are the 12 most common symptoms.

1. Feeling sad or depressedThe thyroid can have a huge influence on your mood. If you have a deficiency of thyroid hormone in your body, you can suddenly feel blue or even depressed.

2. ConstipationThe changes of the thyroid hormone can also cause difficulty in food digestion.

3. Sleeping too mu…

Best Elixir to Cleanse Your Lungs, Especially If You’re a Smoker

Even though they all know smoking is bad, it seems that people can’t give up this unhealthy habit. Almost all smokers have that specific, constant cough and many of them who are smokers for a longer period develop even bronchitis.

Those who smoke excessively, have blockages in their lungs which can cause chest pain. Moreover, smoking can disrupt your cell balance, supporting the development of carcinogenic cells in the mouth, lungs, and throat.
So, the best way to prevent these conditions is to quit this addiction. But, if you can’t do that, at least you can clear your lungs and stop that persistent cough, and improve your breathing.

What You Should Do In order to reduce and prevent the risk of all these health problems, you need to remove the toxins and tar cigarettes left behind. There are some foods which contain certain compounds that have the ability to remove toxic buildups.

Not only that you will breathe better, but also your risk of lung infections and cancer will reduc…

Baking Soda Shampoo: It Will Make Your Hair Grow Like It Is Magic

We’ve all heard about the versatility if baking soda and we know that we can use it for cooking and cleaning, as well as in the treatment of a number of medical conditions, thanks to its healing properties.

However, every day we find out something new about this amazing ingredient, making us love it even more.

Baking soda can be used to improve your hair quality and clean it thoroughly from any conditioner or shampoo remains, giving it a healthy shine just after a few treatments. You can use it instead of your regular shampoo and you’ll be amazed by the results.

If you prefer to use 100% natural cosmetic products and you’re into DIY projects then this recipe is just perfect for you. Finding a natural shampoo on the shelves is almost impossible, so why don’t you make it yourself? Instead of exposing your hair to harmful chemicals you can prepare the following shampoo and enjoy the benefits it offers.

At the beginning it may be difficult to wash your hair without the foam the shampoos usua…