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Place Ice on This Point 2 Times a Day For This Great Reason

The basis of the traditional Chinese medicine is the belief that energy, (chi or qi) flows throughout the body along pathways, known as meridians.

Therefore, acupuncturists and acupressurists believe that the imbalance or blockage of chi leads to illnesses. In this way, the function of the body organs can be dramatically improved if the energy flow throughout the body is improved.

Each meridian is linked to a different internal body organ and contains pressure points.

The stimulation of these points, either through acupressure or acupuncture, releases the blocked qi, and thus the tension in the corresponding organ. Through pressure, qi is drawn into the channel and invigorates the organ.

Similarly, it is believed that by placing an ice cube on a specific point on the neck, you can improve your overall health, mood, and provide lots of energy.

The following trick is a completely safe, simple, and easy way to enjoy the benefits of the Chinese traditional medicine.

This point is known as Feng…

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

We’ve long discussed about the benefits provided by apple cider, but now is the time to add the cherry on top. Scientists need to conduct some further research on the subject, but many people swear on the power of apple cider vinegar. Diabetics believe it’s one of the most powerful natural remedies for diabetes management. Researchers backup this theory, and even science stoop on their side.

Recent studies show that apple cider vinegar reduces the risk of diabetes, and regulates blood sugar levels.

The essence of apple cider vinegarIt’s the vinegar you get from fermented apples. Producers crush apples, and allow their natural fermentation. Most of you aren’t even aware of the power provided by apple cider vinegar, and yes, it’s much more than an ingredient for your favorite vinaigrette.

Most apple cider vinegar brands are refined and crystal clear. That’s the stuff you should ignore. Look for the bottles that contain the murky thing at the bottom, or the “mother” if you prefer it better.…