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Using Manuka Honey As Medicine: Treat Diabetes, Inflammation And Cancer

Honey has a long history of use in almost all cultures around the world. It was mainly used as a food and as a remedy for treating a great number of health issues.  We can undoubtedly say that honey is a gift from the busy bees.

When talking about honey, we can say that Manuka honey is definitely the healthiest. Recently, it was labeled as a superfood, and there are many important reasons behind this.

Manuka trees can be found in the Eastern Cape region of New Zealand. Manuka Honey is derived from the nectar

Manuka Honey is derived from the nectar collected by bees feeding off Manuka bushes (Leptospermum scoparium) in New Zealand. These Manuka trees grow almost exclusively in the Eastern Cape region of New Zealand.

Using Manuka Honey As Medicine: It Has Enormous Benefits For Your Health

This honey possesses potent antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant, anti-fungal, and digestive properties. This effective and natural remedy was mostly used in New Zealand by n…

4 Indian Beauty Secrets For Long, Healthy Hair!

Physical appearance can turn into a big confidence setback, so keeping the exterior healthy and on point is crucial for many people.

It is not just about the beauty of your physical body, it is about maintaining the energetic, youthful and beyond healthy lifestyle. Hair plays a significant role in this process, and if left untreated, it can indicate and lead to serious health issues.

Hair loss, weak locks or the basic structure of the hair can be easily fixed by following four main Indian suggestions that are bound to restore your hair’s former glory.

Chemical-free and truly beneficial, these tips will help you love yourself in the mirror once more!

Check them out below:

Aloe Vera GelAccording to Indian research, Aloe Vera works wonders for your hair and this gel has been used for centuries back to treat various hair issues.

It is a known fact that the Aloe Vera gel contains more than 20 vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E.

The hair is directly dependent on the vitamin intake, so t…

5 Reasons Why You Should Freeze Your Blueberries

Blueberries rank second to strawberries in popularity of berries regarding U.S fruit consumption. Not only are they popular, but blueberries are continuously ranked in the U.S diet as having the highest antioxidant capacities among other fruits, veggies, seasonings, and spices.

Blueberries are native to North America; hence they have been enjoyed by Native Americans for many years. They have been quite popular in Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, too.

Recent studies emphasize the fact that we can freeze blueberries without doing any damage to their antioxidant content.  These antioxidants include many types of anthocyanins, pigments that give berries their shades of purple, blue, and red.  After freezing blueberries at low temperatures for periods between three to six months, researchers have found no lowering of their antioxidant capacity.

As a matter of fact, mounting evidence suggests that freezing fruits can make them even healthier! This applies to organic blueberries specifically, …

Learn To Control Diabetes In Just 5 Days With This Natural Remedy

If you are someone who was diagnosed with diabetes, you know that from now on you will have to be attentive to your diet and respect a certain routine.

A few years ago having a chronic illness represented something really serious and difficult to cope with, but with the advancement of science and the necessary changes in diet and physical activity, diabetes can be perfectly manageable.

One of the things that you are going to have to be more attentive is the blood sugar levels, and to help you with this, we bring you a shake made with natural products that many used and could prove their effectiveness.

To keep this disease at bay, in addition to following your doctor’s advice, you can try this alternative full of nutrients and at the same time has many benefits for your body.


-2 carrots

-3 handfuls of spinach

-1 green apple

-2 stalks of celery

-1 glass of water


First, we advise you to use organic foods as much as possible to make sure they are free of pesticides and chem…