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Drink Lemon Water Instead Of Pills For These 13 Health Issues!

The consumption of lemon water every morning is an incredibly healthy habit, practiced by millions of people. This drink is a rich source of vitamin C, B, potassium, carbs, and other nutrients.

Here are some of its countless benefits:

Colds and the fluVitamin C boosts the immune system and effectively treats infections like the flu and common colds.

InflammationLemons have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which treat various types of inflammation.

Joint painThese properties of lemons also relieve arthritis symptoms and joint pain.

Strengthens the immune systemLemon water is an incredibly healthy drink which strengthens the immune system and fights bacteria.

Kidney stonesThe high potassium content increases the levels of citrate in the urine and prevents the kidney stones formation.

AcneThis beneficial drink also regulates the pH levels of the skin and prevents acne, by detoxifying the skin.

Post-workout muscle pain and sorenessThe consumption of lemon water soothes the sore muscles afte…

Leftover Lemon Peels: Know These 10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Them

Many people like to start their day with fresh lemon juice. This not only wakes up the digestive system but boosts the energy levels as well.

However, most of us just throw away the peels without knowing that they are beneficial and can be used in different ways. They contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber and provide a nutritional boost.

So, stop throwing lemon peels! Today you will find out more how to use lemon peels and reap all of their benefits.

10 Uses of Lemon Peels
1. Lemon Olive OilZest 3 cups of lemon peel and add them to a cup of olive oil in order to add your olive oil a refreshing lemon flavor.

Let it stay for 2 weeks then strain it. Remove the peel bits and your lemon olive oil is ready to use!

2. Lemon Ice CubesAdd lemon peel strips to the water in your ice cube trays and freeze them. You can use lemon zest as well. You know now that your drinks will never taste the same.

3. Remove Trash Can OdorTo absorb the unpleasant odor and give your can a fresh smell, put some lemon peel…

You’re Not Fat - You’re Bloated! These Natural Remedies Will Easily Deflate Your Belly

When the stomach faces difficulties to digest the food, it causes bloating. In most cases, this happens when you have eaten too much food, or you have eaten a heavy meal.

Yet, some people feel constantly bloated, and this is due to some burden on the digestive system. Doctors maintain that it is due to trapped gases in the stomach, as a result of the way of eating or the consumed food.

Even though people often ignore it, bloating can be a sign of some serious health issue and should be treated on time.

These are the five most common causes of stomach bloating:

DehydrationIf the body is not properly hydrated, it causes various symptoms, including bloating. Therefore, make sure you drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.

Excessive amounts of carbsIf you eat a diet high in sugars and carbs, it is the reason for your stomach bloating, so you should limit the intake of such foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

ConstipationConstipation traps gasses in the stomach and causes bloating. This is…

Milk And Garlic Is A Remedy For Asthma, Pneumonia, Insomnia, Heart Issues, Cough And More!

Sometimes, vegetables, fruits, and spices can be the most effective medicine we can use. One such remedy is the garlic milk, which is a potent cure for arthritis, cough, tuberculosis, insomnia, heart disease, and much more.

Here is how to prepare it:

* 10 garlic cloves, minced
* 2-3 teaspoons sugar
* 500 ml milk
* 250 ml water

In a pot, add the milk and water, and then add the garlic. Heat the mixture and when it starts boiling, reduce the heat, and start stirring constantly.

Strain it, add the sugar, and drink the milk warm.

Here are the benefits of this healthy drink:

ARTHRITISIts daily consumption treats arthritis symptoms and pain.

SCIATICAThis milk soothes sciatica pain as well.

Heart issuesGarlic milk is an effective way to lower bad LDL cholesterol and to prevent the formation of blood clots.

ASTHMAYou should drink this milk or eat 3 garlic cloves at bedtime every night to relieve asthma symptoms.

JAUNDICEGarlic eliminates toxins from the body and activates good enz…

Baking Soda Used in This Way Can Make You Beautiful and Years Younger

Baking soda is a powerful ingredient with a myriad of uses, starting from the kitchen, the entire household, and the bathroom.

Even though we use it for rising dough in most cases, it can also be used to remove odors from carpets, clothes, and surfaces in the home, and it effectively whitens clothes.

It can also significantly improve beauty as it is a potent natural aesthetic product. Yet, it also has a high medicinal capacity. Namely, it can treat various health issues and conditions.

These are some of its uses you probably didn’t know:

Eliminates SweatingUse it to make a natural DIY deodorant which will keep your underarms fresh for hours. Just mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Then, use this combination on the underarms to destroy bacteria that is the cause of the bad odor.

Relieves Body OdorAdd a small cup of baking soda to your bath and soak in it for at least half an hour. Fill your bathtub with neutralize bad odors and relieve oily sk…

Combination of 3 Foods to Improve Your Vision and Cleanse the Fat from Your Liver

Stress, lack of physical activity, and poor diets, contribute to the development of chronic diseases. Yet, the risks of ailments and diseases like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases, can be significantly reduced by incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):“Health risk behaviors are unhealthy behaviors you can change. Four of these health risk behaviors—lack of exercise or physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and drinking too much alcohol—cause much of the illness, suffering, and early death related to chronic diseases and conditions.”

Therefore, you will optimize your health if you start exercising regularly, avoid sugar, smoking, and alcohol, and consume organic, whole healthy foods.

The following combination of three foods boosts overall health, improves vision, and heals the liver. It contains oranges, carrots, and beets.

Carrots are high in vitamin A, and Emily Chew, deputy clinical direc…