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How to Mix Coconut Oil and Baking Soda for a Face-Cleaning Like You’ve Never Had Before

Skin care products are all the rage these days.  It seems like there is a lot of trust placed into the claims of them working wonders.  They advertise ‘disappearing acne,’ ‘natural beauty,’ and ‘flawless skin.’ So, there are countless skin care products on the market, from cleansers, peels, scrubs and face wash to creams, moisturizers, and serums.
Share: Let`s take the facial cleanser for example.  Examining the back of it is a bit irritating. What does this term actually mean? Even if you ask someone knowledgeable on the topic, you will not get an answer as most of the words are confusing.  So, who can explain what these treatments actually do to our faces?

The Inside View on What You Are Rubbing On Your Face When it comes to skin care, besides the many unhealthy ingredients, many products are placed on the market without satisfactory testing:

“There are industry trade secrets and formulations that for industry reasons are kept from the consumer,” says Elizabeth Sword, executive dire…

6 Foods That Fight Inflammation & Help You Lose Weight

Inflammation is the mechanism of the body to protect itself from even more serious damage. In the case of an injury or sickness, the body uses white blood cells which reach the affected areas and boost blood flow.  This, in turn, leads to redness, heat, swelling, and even pain.
Share: Therefore, inflammation is a normal response of the immune system in the healing process in a healthy body.

Yet, if the immune system overreacts, it might start attacking its own healthy cells, like in the case of celiac disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel disease.

Inflammation might also aggravate the symptoms of other illnesses, like impacting insulin resistance in diabetics, and creating inflamed airways in the case of asthma.

If you start avoiding processed foods and focus on fresh fruits, vegetables and omega-3 foods. These foods will supply the body with the needed antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids that support overall health and boost immunity.

The following 6 ant…

5 Types of Tummies and How to Get Rid of Them

Getting into shape and having a flat and toned belly is not an easy task, and it requires daily efforts. The first steps include a regular workout and a healthy and balanced diet.

Yet, tummies can be of various types, so the elimination of the excess fat in the abdominal area depends on their causes as well.
These are 5 of the most common types of tummies and effective ways to burn the fat deposits:

Bloated belly Bloating usually indicates digestive issues, so to treat it, take probiotics and drink plenty of water.

Alcohol belly The excessive intake of alcoholic beverages prevents the healthy digestion. They are also high in calories. Therefore, reduce the alcohol intake and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

Hormonal belly Hormonal imbalances often cause fat deposits around the stomach area. In this case, make some dietary changes, and start eating healthier foods.

Stressed-out belly Poor sleep and chronic stress often cause stomach bloating. Try to sleep at least…

6 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been used for various household and cooking purposes. Beside this, this incredible tonic can be used for treating different ailments.
Share: It is packed with various minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which are very beneficial for your health. Check out some of its uses!

1. Fights yeast growth Many people suffering from yeast overgrowth are not aware of the fact that they can treat their problem in a natural way.

According to many studies, apple cider vinegar contains acids and enzymes that cause a reaction on the yeast. You may think that your symptoms worsen, but this indicates that the treatment is working.

2. Clears congested nose Due to the congested nasal passages, colds can cause breathing problems and sneezing. Apple cider vinegar can help you feel better.

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and add a few drops of peppermint oil. Consume this to clear up your nasal passages.

3. Treat skin or foot fungus Besides havi…

5 Tea Tree Oil Uses Most People Have No Idea About!

The products that we use for cleaning our home are full of chemicals. The long-term exposure to these harmful products can have a negative effect on our health.
Share: So, to protect your health and the health of your family, try using chemical-free cleaners. For example, think about tea tree oil.

Perhaps you did not know that this oil can be used as a cleaning product, but tee tree oil has numerous purposes.

It has potent antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and antibiotic properties. Besides having the ability to treat muscle aches, kill bacteria and treat different health problems, this amazing oil can keep your home clean and free of toxins.

Caution:  You should never ingest the oil!

5 uses of this amazing oil:

1. Helps Disinfect Your Dishes To disinfect your dishes and make them clean again, add a few drops of tea tree oil into the soap dispenser in your dishwasher. Later, add some soap.

2. Helps Destroy Germs on Your Clothes Add a few drops of this incredible oil to your laundry. Th…

Herbal Teas That Help Relieve Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the stomach lining. There are many factors which can cause gastritis, including stress, infection and poor eating habits.
Share: However, the excessive consumption of alcohol and the use of certain pain medication can contribute to the development of gastritis.

If not treated properly, it can lead to further complications, such as ulcers and even cancer. So, it is very important to consult a doctor and get the best medical care.

However, there are other things you can do to relieve your pain. One of the best ways to relieve gastritis is by consuming the following herbal teas:

1. Ginger Tea This herbal tea is extremely effective for treating nausea, improving digestion, and relieving gastritis.

Ginger tea has potent anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe irritation of the stomach lining. An upset stomach is a common symptom of gastritis, so ginger tea is very helpful in the case of gastritis as well.

2. Peppermint Tea Peppermint tea is another herba…

Healing Power of Licorice Root: Best Kept Secret in China and Arabia

Due to its sweet taste, licorice root is often associated with candy. Actually, it contains glycyrrhizin, a compound that is much sweeter than sugar.

However, we are not here to talk about its sweet taste. For many years, licorice root has been used to treat coughs and relieve mucus membrane irritation and gastrointestinal tract spasms.

Licorice is a versatile plant that provides plenty of health benefits. In fact, it is one of the most effective natural remedies. So, check out some of its astonishing health benefits.

1. Stomach Ulcer Relief Licorice root has strong antibacterial properties and can treat stomach issues including stomach ulcers.

Many stomach ulcers can be caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). Licorice root is extremely effective for relieving problems associated with bacteria.

2. Sore Throat and Cough Remedy Licorice root can significantly relieve congestion due to cold and cough. The root acts as an expectorant and helps eliminate phlegm.

3. Hype…