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How To Get Rid of Mucus And Phlegm in Your Chest And Throat As Fast As Possible

The accumulated phlegm and mucus in the chest can be highly uncomfortable, leading to sharp pains and congestion.
Mucus is a sticky, gelatin-like substance that acts as a filter and lubricant, and protects the lungs by filtering the air we inhale. It catches the debris and dirt and prevents their absorption in the body.
The sinuses and nose have cells which produce watery secretions that help the mucus to protect the body.

In the case of a cold, the nose starts to produce watery secretions in excess. Yet, the thick and crusty mucus is caused by excessive dryness and causes congestion and nasal drip.

Phlegm is similar to mucus but thicker, and it is produced in the lower airways, and not by the sinuses and nose. It protects the lungs fro irritants. It often contains white blood cells, dead bacteria, and viruses, so you should always spit it out, instead of swallowing it.

The following 100% natural homemade syrup will help you fight congestion and get rid of mucus and phlegm!

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