Chia Paste For Wight Loss And Detoxfication

Chia Paste For Wight Loss And Detoxfication
By adding a serving of chia seeds a day, you can help boost your metabolism and burn belly fat as well. Being high in dietary fiber, chia seeds benefits bowel regularity and healthy stool.

One of the characteristics that make chia seeds so unique is they can absorb up to 10 times their own weight in water. Because of this, chia seeds can prolong hydration and improve nutrient absorption of electrolytes. This process also slows digestion and keeps you feeling fuller longer, reducing sugar cravings.

Because chia seeds are also high in zinc, they help your body increase leptin. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite, how your body spends energy and regulates your energy levels.

This is a recipe for a paste that can help you accelerate your metabolism and lose weight quickly if you add it to your diet.

Chia paste recipe: 


* 4-6 tablespoons lemon juice

* 1 tablespoon Chia seeds

* 1 tablespoon honey

* 1 ½ glasses water

Preparation: and use:
Soak the chia seeds for an hour in the water until the absorb it (you can also leave them over night in the water in the freezer).  Add the other ingredients and mix them together. Consume it every morning before meal (30minutes- 1 hour before breakfast).



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