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Do You Wake Up Every Night at The Same Time? This Could Be the Reason Why!

Our body is a combination of our physical and spiritual health, and its internal clocks often send important signals to us. Do you wake up at the same time every night?
Share: If this happens to you, it means that your body is trying to tell you something.

The ancient Chinese Medicine Body Clock maintains that our energy runs through different meridians at different times of the day, in a cycle of 24 hours. These meridians serve as channels that send energy to body organs and thus promote vitality and health.

Yet, in case these channels are blocked, energy is not able to arrive at the organ, so it starts to accumulate and leads to sleep disturbances.

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that waking at the same time at night indicates some imbalance in the organ or the corresponding meridian. These obstructions in the energy flow can be both, spiritual and physical.

The following list divides the night into five periods of 2 hours, and explains their connection with the meridians …

Never Ignore This Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Many people do not pay enough attention to their vitamin B12 intake. This water-soluble vitamin is found in certain animal-based foods. However, it is available as a supplement as well.

This vitamin performs various functions in the human body, so it is an essential nutrient for our health. Our body does not produce vitamin B12, so it is of utmost importance to get it regularly.

How Much Should We Get? This depends on different factors such as medical condition, age, use of medications, and eating habits.
The National Institute of Health claims that according to the age, this is the recommended average dose:

* Infants (0-6 months) – 0.4 mcg
* Babies (7-12 months) – 0.5 mcg
* Children (1-3 years) – 0.9 mcg
* Kids (4-8 years) – 1.2 mcg
* Children (9-13) – 1.8 mcg
* Teens (14-18 years) – 2.4 mcg\
* Adults – 2.4 mcg
* Pregnant women – 2.6 mcg
* Breastfeeding women – 2.8 mcg

Sources of Vitamin B12 Animal-based foods like dairy products, fish, milk, meat, cheese, and poultry have a …

These 7 Drinks Will Accelerate Your Metabolism And Help You Burn Fat

Losing weight may be a difficult process. It requires dedication, both physically and mentally. You will need to exercise regularly and follow a proper diet.
Share: Weight gain and obesity are problems that affect a great number of people worldwide. They are related to serious health problems such as heart disease and obesity.

So, it is very important to accelerate your metabolism and stop the excess weight gain.

For that purpose, we have 7 easy drinks you can prepare at home. They can boost your metabolism and digestion, and aid weight loss. Check them out!

Mint tea You should mix a handful of mint leaves and 7 cups of green tea with few lemon slices. Put the drink in a jar and let it stay overnight.

You should drink a glass of this tea every morning, on an empty stomach. After a few weeks, you will start losing weight.

Strawberry smoothie
Needed Ingredients:
* ½ cup of oatmeal
* ¼ cup flaxseeds
* 1 cup of strawberries
* ½ a liter of milk
* 1 cup of yogurt

In a blender, mix…