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How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels to Never Feel Sad, Stressed or Depressed Again

The brain releases dopamine, which is one of the most important neurotransmitters, which has many essential functions in the body.

Dopamine has the function to:

* Regulate the secretion of prolactin
* Control the reward and pleasure center in the brain
* Regulate movement
* Improve the cognitive functions (memory, evaluation, attention, knowledge, problem solving, and decision making)

Therefore, it affects our overall health, and if its levels in the body are low, one experiences depression, emotional issues, negativity, and sadness.
Here are ten natural ways to increase dopamine levels in the body:

Detoxification The immune system weakens and dopamine levels lower in the case of too many toxic deposits in the body. Therefore, make sure you regularly detoxify the body.

Music This is one of the most effective ways to boost dopamine levels.

Exercise Your dopamine levels will increase as a result of any type of exercise. It will also boost serotonin and endorphins levels and will…

11 Reasons Why We Should Eat Pineapple Daily. Number 4 Is Most Important

This unique exotic fruit has been celebrated for centuries not only for its incredible taste but also for its long list of health benefits.
Share: For many years, people have been using pineapple for treating respiratory problems, promote weight loss, reduce inflammation, improve your cardiovascular health, prevent cancer, boost your immune system and circulation, and fight parasites and infections.

You can consume it fresh, cooked or juiced. Even though Hawaii was the major producer of this fruit, today it can be easily found all over the world.

It is an interesting fact that in the past, the pineapple was also known as ananas.

Pineapple has a few leaves on top and a hard shell with thorns and spikes. Many people love pineapple juice. It is particularly popular and used in various cocktails including pinacolada.

Despite being uniquely tasty, pineapple provides many health benefits and can improve your overall health.

It is packed with important nutrients including vitamins B6 and C, …

Top Eight Night Beverages To Detox Your Liver As Well As Burn Fat!

Our liver is known as the main organ of detoxification. This organ works perfectly between 1 am and 3 am.
Detoxification is a process that is essential for the proper function of many organs. So, you can effectively detoxify your liver by consuming certain nighttime teas and drinks that you should drink before bedtime.

Liver and detoxification While we sleep, our body begins to rebuild and regenerate the tissues. This means that the process of detoxification will be most effective during this time.

The Chinese Medicine claims that the liver performs its best function between 1 am and 3 am. So, it is very important that we are deeply asleep long before this time.

Also, we should have enough blood and body fluids for the detoxification process. In this way, our body will not be overloaded with harmful substances that are released during the process of detoxification.

Proper detoxification can boost your metabolism, thus leading to a load of low toxins and faster fat burning.