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15 Foods You Can Eat a Lot of and Still Not Gain Weight

Trying to lose those excess pounds and keeping your figure doesn’t mean you should starve. Even though there are some foods you should avoid, like fast food or soda, you still have plenty of options to choose from.

Here’s a list of 15 products you can eat a lot and not gain weight. Just don’t forget that you should follow a balanced diet with a variety of foods.

1. Popcorn
Popcorn is safe to eat as long as you fry it without sugar and butter. You can add salt for a change. A portion of popcorn prepared in this way will have about 31 kcal.

2. Eggplant
Enjoy this savory vegetable in unlimited amounts but make sure you bake it or grill it without oil. In that way, a portion of eggplant will have only 24 kcal.

3. Celery
This vegetable has high water content or 95 percent. So, it’ll help you detox your body, besides helping you lose weight.

4. Tangerines, Grapefruits, and Oranges
Even though eating large portions of fruit is not recommended for those who want to lose some weight, citrus fruits…