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25 Ancient Medical Cures (Most People Have Forgotten)

Nowadays, while people tend to live longer than a century before, they are also at an increased risk of the addictive properties of prescribed medicines, which also cause numerous side-effects.
This is the reason why many turn to alternative remedies and homemade medicines.

According to the NYU Dispatch:
Natural health remedies and the use of herbal health products have seen dramatic growth in popularity over the past decade, perhaps due to the fact that modern medicine has been seen to place more importance on prescribing drugs instead of focusing on disease prevention and healthy diets.

Andrew Weil, an American celebrity doctor who preaches holistic health and integrative medicine, has said, “I have argued for years that we do not have a health care system in America.

We have a disease-management system – one that depends on ruinously expensive drugs and surgeries that treat health conditions after they manifest rather than giving our citizens simple diet, lifestyle and thera…

Garlic, ACV And Honey – The Winning Combo For Defeating Cholesterol, Obesity, Indigestion And Many Other

People are increasingly turning to traditional medicine and holistic alternatives for treating their ailments and diseases these days, as they are often much safer and more effective than prescribed pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications.
Honey, garlic, and apple cider vinegar are among the most powerful and versatile natural remedies we can use, and their medicinal properties have been recognized and valued for thousands of years.

According to YogaEsoteric:
Garlic is high in allicin, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. It offers a world of miraculous benefits, and when taken internally, it can be helpful for treating all sorts of infections.

Honey contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and it’s an excellent antiseptic.

Apple cider vinegar may provide the secret sauce in the garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar combination because of the sour-tasting liquid’s anti-obesity and indigestion-fighting properties.

Therefore, if you combine these nat…