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Why You Should Massage Your Feet Before Bed

If you have tried foot massage, you know the amazing feeling it creates, since it relaxes the entire body.
According to experts, our feet benefit the most from massage. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the feet are the center of numerous reflexology points that are linked to internal body organs and systems, and their stimulation causes numerous benefits for our overall health.

There are more types of foot massage, like Thai foot massage, Swedish foot massage, and reflexology, and they all seem to provide miraculous effects.

Therefore, foot massage has been practiced for centuries as a natural way to promote health and well-being, and nowadays, it is considered a complementary and alternative medicine used by millions to relieve pain, lower stress, and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries and improve health.

As explained in Jen Reviews:

There are several components to foot massage. The physical aspect of the massage – the manipulation and massage of muscles – provides a the…

6 House Plants To Grow In Your Bedroom That Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

Indoor toxins affect our health much more than we know, and they increase the intake of allergies, asthma, inflammation, respiratory issues, and even cancer.

Casper The Blog reports:

Houseplants can do more than just make your shelves look brighter. They also can boost your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity, bring you tranquility, maintain indoor humidity levels, produce oxygen, and naturally filter air pollutants. You could say they’re quite the multi-taskers.

Houseplants actually improve indoor air quality. Dry indoor air is blamed for a host of ailments like respiratory problems, sore throats, colds, and even breakouts. Indoor plants help to maintain, and in some cases increase, humidity levels by emitting water vapor during transpiration.

And in addition to emitting oxygen and humidity — plants produce negative ions, similar to many fancy air-purifying machines. The negative ions attach themselves to, and effectively remove, any pa…