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If the Mosquitos Always go Straight for You, Here’s What You Need to Know

We all love the summer and the warm weather and everything that goes with it.. beach, light clothes, cocktails, barbecue in the yard, splash pads..well not everything, as I bet we all hate mosquito bites!
These insects are good in ruining a great day at the beach or by the pool, but apparently, we do not all attract them to the same extent.

If you are a real mosquito magnet, and you get stung a dozen times when you step outdoors, here are several reasons that explain it:

Mosquitoes are attracted by the smell of sweat, so make sure you shower regularly and remember not to use too many sweet-smelling soaps or perfumesIf you are athletic, your body produces more lactic acid, which attracts mosquitoesThey are interested in bright and  darkly colored clothesType O blood is twice more attractive to mosquitoes than any other blood typeAlcohol increases the CO2 output, which attracts mosquitoes, and they are simply in love with beerPregnant women emit higher levels of CO2 which is attra…

9 Of The Most Uniquely Beautiful Houseplants That You Never Knew Existed

If you love having plants at home, you surely know the beauty they bring in, and the benefits they offer when it comes to the energy in the house.  Apparently, plants naturally improve our mental health, relieve stress, and treat anxiety. They relax us and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Moreover, they also strengthen the immune system, as they spread the positive chemicals that support it.  Studies have shown that indoor plants boost productivity, improve your learning abilities, and improve the relationships between the family members.

Many of the houseplants we have at home successfully filter the air and eliminate molds, chemicals, and pollutants, and thus prevent respiratory disorders, and various other issues, including cancer.

Plants add humidity to the home and drastically improve sleep quality, treating insomnia and sleeping difficulties.

Today, we recommend 9 of the most beautiful houseplants you can have at home:

1. Crassula Umbrella

It is also known as ‘Wine Cup’ succulents,…

5 Natural & Effective DIY Flea Remedies for Your Dog

If you have a dog as a pet, you probably put in a lot of effort to maintain their health and happiness. However, no matter how much we try, a lot of different pests or illnesses may get to them, particularly fleas.

The major symptom which indicates that your dog has fleas is constant scratching. Even though there are a lot of store-bought preventive measures like flea collars and treatments like flea powders, they are often filled with all kinds of chemicals that may harm the dog and even be dangerous if you have small children who are interacting with the pet.

So, it is good to know that there are easy-to-make natural flea remedies. We will present 5 such treatments in today’s article! Continue reading to learn how to keep your dog flea-free.

5 Natural Flea Removers

A flea trap
Adult fleas are attracted to warmth and light so it is best to set the trap at night. Combine dish soap and some warm water in shallow containers. Make sure your night lamp is reflected in the water. The fleas…