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This Cauliflower & Chia Seed Pizza Crust Protects Your Brain & Heart & Prevents Cancer

For a lot of you who are reading this article, pizza may be your favorite food, but certainly not the healthiest meal out there. However, though you may associate pizza with weight gain, it is not always the case.
In fact, there are ways to prepare your own homemade healthy pizza that will not contribute to inflammation or worsen your digestion. Thanks to today’s article, you will learn that swapping the wheat for the dough with cauliflower and reducing the presence of dairy in the toppings is the key to healthy pizza crust.

Believe it or not, cauliflower crust is the new thing and everyone is using it to prepare and enjoy a healthy and tasty meal. Continue reading the article to learn why cauliflower crust is good for you…

Cauliflower Crust: Why It Is Good for You? Cauliflower, as you may already know, is a cruciferous veggie which is abundant in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties like sulforaphane. Its compounds were found to be beneficial in the fight against breast…