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How to Cleanse Your Colon in Just Two Weeks

The colon is considered as an important part of our intestine and our body. It keeps the immune system healthy and provides strength to it, it maintains the water balance in our body, and help in digestion.
With that, there is many other body functions are linked with the colon. so colon health is also necessary as the other organs. One of the main functions of the colon is to eliminates the toxins or waste material out of our body and if our colon would not be healthy and strong our body can’t perform this function and the toxins will affect our body parts.

As we know that whenever we eat something it takes 24 hours in proper digestion but sometimes when we eat something unhealthy or junk food it takes more than 70 hours in proper digestion because this kind of food has no nutrients value and added harmful components so the digestive procedure becomes slow and it can also provoke several health issues too.

A poor colon health can raise many health-related diseases and most of…

10 Things Money Can’t Buy

Who doesn’t like having money? Money provides security, stability and an overall sense of accomplishment. However, taking it back to nature and what humans are all about, money has little to do with how we feel or what we need.

For some, money is the key to happiness, but solely a material one. Truth be told, there are no real and attainable satisfactions which money can buy.
We all know stories of wealthy people, suffering from depression, loneliness, and isolation. We also know the stories of poor families, whose lives revolve about making the most of each day.

Thinking about it, money is a problem solver to some degree. But, how does money work when you are afraid, alone and detached? Will you take pride in the money you earn in return for feeling dominant over others? And, ultimately, are you sure that you have it all just because your wallet is packed?

Yes, it is okay to want to have more money and an easygoing life, but making a difference between what money can buy and can’t …

Swarm of Bees Follows Car For 2 Days to Rescue Queen Trapped in Back

Bees have a specific type of respect for their queen, and Carol Howarth, 68, knows it best. She parked her Mitsubishi in the town of the Haverfordwest, Wales, and went to buy her groceries.

A cloud of bees approached her car, and didn’t left the spot. Tom Moses, a local, was concerned about the bees and the possible solution to the problem, and decided to call a team of beekeepers.

According to him, the view was spectacular. He was driving in his car, and spotted the brown splodge that came out of nowhere. People were slowing down just to take pictures. Moses was really concerned because the bees were right outside a pub. He didn’t want people to get hurt, and he was worried about the safety of the bees, too.

The problem was solved before Carol finished her errands. Believe it or not, the bees followed her. Carol noticed the same cloud of bees the next day, and had to call the beekeepers again.

They said the queen bee was attracted to something sweet in the car, and got inside a gap…

Galapagos Giant Tortoises Born For First Time in 100 Years After Their Extinction in 1800s

The early 1800s marked the time when pirates and rats arrived on the archipelago of Galapagos. The arrival of rats led to extinction of some species of tortoise. But, we have some great news for everyone. The first Galapagos tortoise gave birth on the archipelago.
Rats used to attack tortoise and eat their eggs. Luckily, the giant tortoise is reborn again. This was an excellent breakthrough on the archipelago. The endangered species of Duncan island giant tortoise, Chelonoidis duncanensis, were reborn again. Locals were happy for the great news.

People first arrived at the archipelago in the mid-19th century. The archipelago is part of the Republic of Ecuador. The giant tortoise were in danger as people brought rats with them.

Danny Reuda is responsible for the ecosystem of the national park. He had an interview with media members, and talked about the natural birth of the tortoise. Rats ate the eggs of these tortoises, and did the same damage to birds, lizards and snakes.

Experts v…

How to Make Lavender Lemonade To Help With Headaches and Anxiety

It’s almost impossible to avoid stress. It’s everywhere – in the office, at home, and every time you go out. Anxiety is a common ailment these days, and some people struggle with a headache on a daily basis.
How do you handle your anxiety? Some drink a cup of coffee, others light up a cigarette, and some drink wine (whiskey). These habits provide a temporary “solution,” but the problem is still here.

Have you ever considered using essential oils to treat your problem? Lavender oil has over 150 active compounds, and it’s an excellent antidepressant, anti-inflammatory agent and sedation agent.

Studies have shown that lavender essential oil works great in the treatment of many conditions. It shows great results when used as a remedy for insomnia, alopecia, anxiety, stress and postoperative pain. Lavender has been examined for its antibacterial and antiviral effect, as reported by the University of Maryland Medical Center.

A study conducted at the University of Florida confirmed t…

Key Lime Pound Cake With Key Lime Cream Cheese Icing

Key lime pie is always a must have for those who go to Florida. It has become a popular treat, and locals even throw a festival. In 2019, the Florida Key Lime Pie Festival will be organized for the 8th consecutive year.
Florida is known as the state that stands behind the delicious treat, but key lime pie is actually one of the most popular desserts in the country. Fans still discuss the original recipe of the pie.
Some say the filling should be cooked and other say ‘no.’ There are so many versions of the toppings and crusts. Do you know the authentic recipe for key lime pie?

Have you ever tried key lime pound cake? It’s just another recipe based on the original version. You can make it with sugar or sugar substitute. Health-conscious individuals who crave key lime pie should try this lighter version.

Light key lime cake For the cake you need:

3 ½ cups almond flour¼ cup coconut flour1 Tbsp. baking powder½ tsp salt½ cup butter¾ cup sugar substitute (Stevia)4 large eggs½ cup unsw…

We’re Drinking Chemicals: Glyphosate Discovered in 5 Major Brands of Orange Juice

According to a 2015 USDA report, orange juice was the most frequently consumed fruit juice in the US while oranges were the second most commonly eaten fruit, behind apples.
According to statistics, the average American drinks 2.7 gallons of orange juice and 3 pounds of oranges on a yearly basis. But, it appears that the “100 % pure orange juice” we purchase from the stores is not as pure and as safe as advertised.

Unfortunately, recent tests found that every one of the five major brands of orange juice tested by an accredited laboratory were positive for the presence of glyphosate, a weed killer.

This chemical is the active ingredient of Roundup, a weed killer produced by Monsanto and in other 750 brands of herbicides.

We Are Drinking Dangerous Chemicals? The discovery of glyphosate residues in orange juice is unacceptable, particularly after a WHO branch labeled this chemical as a potential carcinogen in 2015. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, our children, who …

Keep Lavender Plant in Your Bedroom: It Dramatically Improves Sleep, and Reduces Anxiety

Your insomnia isn’t something you should ignore, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that sleep deprivation is a common issue these days.
Meditation and relaxation techniques are some of the solutions people try to improve their sleep. They buy expensive mattresses, drink banana tea or take sleep medication. None of this works and actually makes the situation even worse.
We suggest that you go all natural, and keep a few plants in your home. Yes, most plants release carbon dioxide at night, but there are a few plants that release oxygen.

Indoor plants provide the following benefits:
Better air qualityReduced stressLess anxietyBetter smellHeadache reliefBoosted moodCold/illness preventionImproved brain functionImproved sleep
The best plants for your bedroom According to NASA, you can improve the quality of the air you breathe and your sleep by placing a few plants in your bedroom. We give you the top 5:

1. Aloe Vera It’s low-maintenance and provides a lot…

The First Animal You See In This Picture Will Determine Your Personality!

Our personality is made up of a number of traits that make us what we are – however, contrary to what people believe, our personality cannot be described or put together in one word – it is a combination of our behaviour, our likes, our dislikes and our way of working.

So, have you ever thought what your personality is like, vis-à-vis what others think it to be? We are going to make the job easier for you!
Look carefully at this picture – it is an optical illusion and looks like a mish mash of many pictures put together. If you look closely, you will see many animals in this picture. However, the one that you see first reveals something unknown about you. Here’s how:
#1 Horse
If you saw the stallion first, you are ambitious and career oriented.

Nothing can take you away from your hard work and dedication and this is the reason you do so well in life. You are forthcoming and blunt and you do not shy away from calling a spade a spade. You are success-hungry, but in a positive way.

Scarlet Fever Is Making A Comeback And Parents Should Should Know The Warning Signs

Seeing your child sick is a terrible nightmare, and it seems like your world falls apart. Scarlet Fever came back, and it targets kids between five and fifteen.
Parents need to be careful during the season of cold and flu. If your kid develops a rash, sore throat and itchiness, you need to consult a doctor. Scarlet Fever was more common in the past, and modern medicine helped keep things under control.
The aggressive strain has been affecting children since 2015.

Children develop strep throat, and the same bacteria causes Scarlet Fever. Streptococcus releases a toxin and triggers the development of the condition. It’s accompanied with rashes on the neck, back, chest and face. The rashes resemble a sunburn, and the skin begins to peel after six days. The area around the mouth isn’t affected.

Symptoms you should be aware of:
Flushed faceSwollen neck glandsSore throatHigh fever (101°F)Red rashAbdominal painItchy skin
Scarlet Fever is contagious, and infected kids need to be isolate…

Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Oil Company, Saving Huge Amount Of Rainforest

An Amazon tribe won a big lawsuit against Big Oil, and saved their rainforest. The Ecuadorian government planned to drill for oil throughout south central Ecuadorian Amazon.the Waorani people of Pastaza won a historic rule, and protected seven million acres of rainforest.
The Waorani people managed to protect their territory and stop the contemplated auctioning of 16 oil blocks covering over seven million acres of rainforest.

Executive Director of Amazon Frontlines, Mitch Anderson, said this is a big precedent for indigenous rights across the area. The court recognized the manipulative tactics of the Ecuadorian Government.

This is a big stem forward, and these people protected their rights of the land. It was about time that someone said ‘no’ to destructive projects and halt climate changes.

The ruling was brought by three-judge panel of the Pastaza Provincial Court.

Spokesperson for the Waorani of Pastaza, Oswando Nenquimo, said they protected their forest from oil drilling and the…

These Ladybug Impostors are not Here to Bring You Good Luck, They’re Here to Bite

Ladybugs are super cute and bring good fortune. But, how well do you know ladybugs? Your ladybug may actually be an Asian lady beetle known as Harmonia axyridis.

These bugs are similar to ladybugs, but they are a little larger and more aggressive. They bite, too! The native North American ladybug is often referred to as ladybird beetles in Europe. It’s harmless and friendly.

Lady beetles come from the Coccinella family. The native North American lady beetle (Coccinella novemnotata) is 9-spotted, and the native European lady beetle (Coccinella septempunctata) is seven spotted.

There are over 5,000 different species of these insects, and they all have different temperaments, characteristics and appetites, as noted by National Geographic.

Native ladybugs are harmless, don’t bite, and eat several garden pests. The multicolored Asian lady beetle causes destruction.

A study conducted at Penn State’s College of Agriculture Sciences confirmed that the beetles bite and leave a yellow defensiv…

Beehives in Texas Attacked, Set On Fire, Killing Half a Million Bees, Officials Say

Beehives are getting massively destroyed in Texas. That is seriously one of the most hurtful way to impact the future of our world. Someone sneaked up on a mass of beehives in Alvin in Brazoria County, Texas, and set them on fire. Naturally, the town is raging.

In light of bees breeding season, these news came as completely devastating. No flowers will be pollinated and we will see a generation of plants unable to breed, too.
Setting bees on fire, really?

Witnesses are mute. The case blew open after a deputy officer noticed the fire, which he put out, but unfortunately, a bit too late. In an effort to shed light on this case, the BCBA, or the Brazoria County Beekeepers Association, posted on Facebook, which earned them 7,500 shares as of April 27. The organization remains adamant in finding and sanctioning the culprits of this hideous crime.

‘Last night someone did major damage to a BCBA Bee Yard in Alvin last night,” they wrote. “It’s bad enough to think in today’s world this would …

Stop Using Canola Oil Immediately

Canola oil still leaves many experts baffled. While one side of the medical world supports canola oil as a healthy ingredient to our everyday lives, others warn canola oil might pose a threat to our wellbeing.

Rich in omega-3s, and low in unhealthy fats, canola oil is a great source of oleic acid, all factors which go on to support its benefits.

Discovered in Canada back in the 70s, canola oil witnessed a true revolution in 1995, with its first genetic modification. Ever since then, we have used a genetically processed form of canola oil, which is set out to boost our health, instead of impair it.

But, is there more to canola oil than meets the eye?

Defining Canola Oil Let’s begin by saying that canola oil comes from rapeseed oil, which belongs to the mustard family. Rapeseed oil is rich in erucic acid, which is excellent in preventing health issues. Canola oil used to go by the name of LEAR (low-erucic acid rapeseed) but changed its name in effort to gain marketing advantage.

Ear Specialists Explain 6 Reasons To Stop Cleaning Ears With Cotton Buds

Ever since childhood, we were led to believe that Q-tips are beneficial to our ears. Of course, medically Q-tips remove excess wax from the ear, causing a sweet tingling sensation. However, although seemingly innocent, cotton Q-tips can be a great threat to your ears.

Cotton buds are first of all, used improperly. There is no clear instruction on how to use a Q-tip rightfully, which ultimately leads to many people experiencing ear damage.

Oftentimes serious, Q-tips are known to cause infections in the ear, aggravating the situation even further. What’s more, some now urge that Q-tips may be entirely responsible for an unwelcome brain infection.

The Case that Changed the Idea of Q-tips A story on ear infections has really exposed the dangers of using Q-tips. Namely, a man went to the emergency room, following a bad seizure.

The man explained how he experienced pain lasting for couple of hours, followed by a discharge from his ear. At one point the man also lost some of his heari…

You Should Visit The Beach More Often. Here’s Why

Being outdoors is always a therapeutic way to let off some steam and feel better in an instant. There is something about the great outdoors that is inviting and beyond healing. Sure, the mountains sound like a great resort on blue days, but much more than them, heading to the beach can make you a brand new person.

Did you know that the beach has therapeutic effects on your emotional and physical health? The blue waters, the grainy sand, the endless calm, and soft breeze through your hair – you know what I mean.

Related to the beach is a concept known as ‘blue space’. Blue space refers to the saturation of the water smells and sounds. Just looking at this massive surface can revitalize you and shake the stress off in no time.

Beach lovers unite and let’s discuss the benefits of heading to the beach and aiming for that ultimate blue space.

Benefits of Visiting the Beach.
1. Stress Relief.
Water can calm down the body like no other force. Even more, it calms the mind and eradicates trace…

Choosing One Feather Reveals Your Personality

Each one of us is drastically different from the other — no matter whether you share the same zodiac sign or even the same birthday, you will never meet someone who is exactly like you!
While some of us are introverts, some of us are extroverts and most of us have our own uniqueness, quirks and personality.

However, apart from the fact that you are drastically different from the other person, how well do you know yourself too? Here is a simple test to gauge your personality… Simply choose one feather and see what it says about you!

If you choose:

The first feather
You are an extremely creative and imaginative person. You love to get your creative juices flowing and give your best to the job you are doing — you are smart and funny and you are a completely people’s person. You seem to attract a lot of attention due to your vibrant personality, however, you somewhat might people, owing to your bossy nature — learn to go easy on people!

The second feather
You are a bit of loner, but…