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4 Fist Shapes That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

It takes just a little observation to find out more about a person. The body reveals a lot about your opponent's inner self and helps find a way to communicate with them.

Bright Side suggests passing a small test where you'll need to make a fist and choose the option that fits you best.

1. Thumb on top 2. Thumb inside 3. Thumb to the side 4. Thumb turned upward What's your type?
1. Thumb on top You're probably the most energetic person in the world. You're constantly seeking new knowledge and impressions, trying to embrace everything at once. Your schedule doesn't include lounging in front of a TV.
You're altruistic to the bone, a kind person who'll always help and reassure anyone. You do more than you say, and that, as well as your reliability and kindness, makes everyone respect and appreciate you. You inspire and energize everyone around you, easily becoming a respected leader.
2. Thumb inside You're smart and loquacious, but you aren't too g…

He Decided To Bully This High School Girl, Little Did He Know She’s Trained In Self-Defense

The video of a girl’s use of self-defense on school grounds has quickly gone viral and created a great deal of conversation and controversy around ways to fight cyberbullying.

The video shows the girl attacking a student at a California school. She wrestled him to the ground and kneed him in the face several times. The boy remained dazed on the cement ground.

It was later revealed that the video took place at Sonoma Valley High School, and the girl will face charges.

The clip was shot on a cellphone, and the 17-year-old girl did not attend Sonoma Valley High. She attends Creekside Alternative High School which shares the same campus.

A teacher ran after her and tried to catch her, but the girl quickly took off.

The video went viral after Kit Dale, an actor and a black belt from Australia, posted it on his Facebook account. Applauding the girl’s effort in fighting back against bullies, Dale took the chance to express the importance of self-defense.

Despite the numerous requests by the…

Test: Name the Animal You Saw First and Find Out a Lot About Your Personality

Which animal did you see first?
The cat This choice indicates your unwillingness to start your working week, your longing for a vacation, and the desire to bring your break time closer. Or even the end of the working day because you want to finally come home, sit in a cozy armchair, and read your favorite book or watch your favorite TV show.
The dog You feel the support of friends and with such help, you are ready to solve any occurring problem. Fighting spirit is a good thing. But consider the task with a cold mind to see if you are able to solve it alone. After all, people around you can change their plans. And you constantly forget about this because you yourself never let anyone down.
The lion You are irresistible! You are often told about this, right? Is it because of your new hairdo? However, you don’t even need to change your hairstyle to stay on top. There is something in you that attracts people and this something causes respect and admiration but envy, as well. But do not j…

A Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome Becomes A Model And Breaks Stereotypes

In spite of being raised in the spirit of “everybody is beautiful in their own way”, in reality, we became victims of the modern model of “perfect beauty”.

We are bombarded by the photos of ideally-looking models on a daily basis, and it seems that there is no room for any different-looking person.

Yet, Chelsea Werner, a gymnast from Danville, California, showed the world that one can be perfect in his own way. She has a Down Syndrome, a common chromosomal defect that leads to the delay of the intellectual and physiological development of a person.

She has earned her name as a gymnast, and gymnastics came to her life when she was four, as a way of strengthening her muscles.

Chelsea was unable to walk until she was almost two years old and always had low muscle tone, yet persevered to perform at a physical peak beyond many experts’ wildest expectations.

Soon, she became a champion gymnast, and gymnastics taught her new skills and infused her with confidence. Werner had participated in…

Homemade Ant Repellent Spray To Get Rid Of Ants For Good

There’s nothing better than having your coffee on the porch while soaking up all the sunny goodness. But, ants are here to “kill” your mood.
These tiny creatures like to crawl around, and it’s almost impossible to get them out of the house. They are all over it. Well, the good news is, you can use essential oils and some vinegar to repel ants. For good.

The power of essential oils Ants first send their scouts, and follow their pheromone scent trails to get to the spot. Some essential oils are strong enough to disrupt the scent trail, leaving ants confused and dazzled.

The market offers pesticides that destroy the ants’ exoskeleton, but you don’t want to use these around the house, especially if you have children or pets. Essential oils have the same effect, but they are safe for use.

Natural ant repellents You can use many different products to repel uninvited guests. Peppermint oil is a common ingredient in hair care products, and it’s usually added to store-bought mouthwash. …

Why You Shouldn’t Kill the Spiders in Your House, Explains An Entomologist

Without doubt, one doesn’t need to be an arachnophobe to dislike and fear spiders, especially when you catch them lurking from your shoes or from corners in your room, right?! And, the most common reaction we have is to kill them or to use the vacuum and remove them.
But, according to an entomologist, you may need to brace yourself and leave the spider the next time you see it. This is because they’re crucial for our indoor ecosystems. Really?!

Don’t Kill Your Spiders Believe it or not, spiders play a crucial role in nature and the indoor eco system. Some spiders are accidentally trapped in your home whereas others are only visiting. Some of them even enjoy the indoors and breed there.

These spiders aren’t aggressive and dangerous. Plus, they’re doing you some good- they’re feeding with pests and some even with other spiders. Who doesn’t like a home free of annoying pests?

According to a survey of 50 homes from North Carolina, every house had spiders and the most common species…

7 Things That Happen When You Do This For One Minute Every Day

A spiky massage ball is one of the best things you will ever use to soothe your sore feet after a long day. Yes, your dog will love it, too. The same applies for cats.
The spiky ball was first used in Denmark as a method for psychiatric patients diagnosed with depression. Psychiatrists used it to determine the mental state of their patients.

The design is really simple, and the durable plastic eases its use.  The spikes aren’t really spikes as their edges are rounded.

You can find it in different sizes, and massage therapists use it to relieve muscle tightness. You can actually use these balls at home, and treat yourself.

1. Prevent foot and ankle injuries Foot massages always help in the treatment of joint pain, especially after an injury. This treatment provides even better results when combined with strengthening exercises.

You can also prevent injuries or speed up the recovery of an existing injury. Work your food 3-5 times per week to reduce your risk of suffering a debili…

Choose the Man You Like and Learn Something New About Your Personality

It often happens that some celebrities attract us more than others and we secretly harbor the desire of having someone like him as our soulmate. Knowing what characteristics define that celebrity might help us in determining what qualities we look for in our partners and might also help us understand something about our own personality.

Bright Side has prepared a test for you to determine the personality traits you long for in your prince charming. Select the one man from the 8 who you think represents the perfect man and we will tell you what qualities you look for in a man. The test is based on the proven Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and can effectively be used to determine the psychological personality of a person.

Have you chosen the man you like best? Then scroll down to find out some facts about yourself!

Hugh Jackman You want your man to be good at judging people and situations so that he can use the detailed information to make the right decision. It can clearly be understood b…

Choose an Eye and Learn Hidden Secrets About Your Personality

Our subconscious is a very dark place that takes years and years of psychoanalysis to understand. It can reveal our deepest fears, secret desires, and suppressed emotions. However, some of us don’t even know the basic traits of our personalities, let alone the deep workings of them.

Here at Bright Side, we created a fun personality test to help you understand what kind of person you are and to determine what your psychological and emotional state is.
1. You’re an open soul. Share:
You’re a very gentle and empathetic person who would welcome anyone into your heart. You believe in gaining experiences rather than shutting yourself off to the world. You’d rather get hurt or upset than having no emotions at all. Nevertheless, you try to avoid showing the world your worries and insecurities and you don’t like sharing your problems with other people — you believe such issues should be dealt with in private.
You continually try to be there for other people even if you’re heartbroken deep down i…

The Way You Squeeze Your Toothpaste Can Say Something About Your Personality

Psychologists say that 40% of your actions are not conscious decisions but habits. What you consider to be insignificant actions actually make up your daily routine and they’re a huge part of your life and they can reveal a lot about your personality and your current mental state.
Bright Side figured out how the way you squeeze your toothpaste characterizes you. Find yourself in the list below to get to know yourself better.

You squeeze and/or roll it from the back to the front. You are a very thrifty and tidy person and while you do care about your possessions, you also care about the people around you. You are a perfectionist and you don’t like to waste anything so you use all the resources you have to the fullest extent. You are used to working hard and you do your work very well, which means that other people can rely on you. Your house is always clean and your life is very organized.

You squeeze from the middle. You are a realistic and active person and are usually in a bi…

The Animal You Spot First Says a Lot About Your Personality

Which animal did you see first?
1. The zebra If the first animal you saw is the zebra, the words funny, influential and charismatic are all about you. You are very active and spontaneous, you have the most contagious personality, and people always follow you. You are wonderful company for a good time. Your communication skills are unbeatable and you could become a very good salesperson. Share:
But you get bored if you have to do the same thing over and over again and you always need something new in your life. It can be new events or people, as long as every day brings something different.
2. The cat If you spotted the cat first, you are the person who doesn’t like talking a lot and some people may think that you are shy. The real reason is that you prefer to watch from a distance and analyze what you see instead of being in the middle of the action. You sincerely don’t care what people around think about you and would prefer that others did the same thing to you. You make your own ru…