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Sciatica: Remedies and Exercises for Natural Pain Relief

Sciatica should never be confused with back pain. Sufferers feel pain in their back, hips and legs, because the sciatic nerves goes all the way from the back to the feet.
You can actually relieve the pain using several natural remedies. The sciatic nerve regulates the movement of the muscles in your thighs and legs, and the pain can be really debilitating.

Sufferers deal with mild swelling, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling sensation alongside the nerve, which affects their ability to walk or stand. This issue is more common in people aged between 30 and 50, and the pain may be severe and debilitating.

Signs and symptomsSciatica is accompanied by the following symptoms:

Burning and tingling sensation in the legShooting pain that affects your standing and sittingNumbness and weakness in the leg
Causes of sciatica Herniated or slipped disc is the most common issue. The discs create a cushion between the spinal vertebrae and keeps them arranged. These discs degenerate as you g…

8 Ways To Treat Migraine Headaches Without Medication

Migraines are really serious, and they feel as if your head is going to explode. The terrible pain comes packed with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound.

Experts at Mayo Clinic say that the main cause of migraines is still unknown, but sufferers can recognize their triggers. Your migraine may be caused by hormones, stress, light or a change in the barometric influence during a storm.

Over 36 million Americans deal with migraine as confirmed by the American Migraine Foundation. One in four families have a member who deals with a migraine.

That’s why home remedies are more than welcome in your case.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Vicks VapoRub Alison Jacobson, the blogger that operates with Safety Mom, explains that applying Vicks VapoRub on her temples and forehead helped her relieve the pain almost instantly.

The Department of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University found that the intense pain disappeared within two hours of the use of Vicks VapoRub.

Peppermint essenti…

Parrot Trapped On Roof Tells Fire Crew To “F*** Off” When They Try To Rescue Her

The role of firefighters is very important, and these brave guys risk their own lives to save people and animals in trouble on a daily basis.

Yet, it turns out, not everyone is grateful for being rescued.

A Macaw parrot called Jessie was trapped on a London roof for three days. Some people feared she was injured, and that was why she didn’t come down. Yet, she wasn’t very happy when a rescue team came to rescue her.
Parrot owner: To bond with her say 'I love you'
Firefighter: 'I love you'
Jessie the Parrot: 'I love you'
Jessie then turned the air blue & flipped the firefighter the bird. Read the story of the potty-mouthed parrot in Cuckoo Hall Lane © — London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire) August 14, 2018 The London Fire Brigade was called amid concerns for Jessie and its welfare after owners and the RSPCA couldn’t get her down from the top of a house in Edmonton.

In “an effort to bond with the p…

Brain Scans Reveal How Badly Emotional Abuse Damages Kids

While they were always aware of the impact of our childhood experienced on our cognitive development, experts were not sure to what degree until recently.

Yet, brain scans reveal the lasting effects of both, physical and emotional, trauma inflicted on a child.

Yet, emotional abuse hasn’t traditionally received the same attention as physical trauma, but researchers now recognize its detrimental effects on a person’s ability to function normally as an adult.

Emotional abuse and neglect can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In a side by side comparison, brain scans of an emotionally healthy child versus a neglected child, show huge differences in both size and structure of each brain. They have been shared by Professor Bruce Perry, the chief of psychiatry at Texas Children’s Hospital.

He explained:

“These images illustrate the negative impact of neglect on the developing brain. In the CT scan on the left is an image from a healthy three-year-old with an average head size.

The imag…

Monkey Sharpens Rock and Uses It To Smash Through Glass Enclosure At Zoo

Footage taken at a Chinese zoo shows a monkey that tries to smash through a glass enclosure with a rock in an attempted escape.

The incident took place at the Zhengzhou Zoo in Central China’s Henan Province on the 20th of August.

The video shows a Colombian white-faced capuchin (Cebus capucinus) examining the glass with a rock in its hands. Then, it starts smashing the glass, eventually causing it to shatter into pieces.
According to a bystander, Mr. Wang, the monkey was actually sharpening the stone before the attempted escape.

‘The monkey was sharpening the stone, then, it started hitting it on the glass. The monkey scared itself away, but it came back to take another look and even touched it.”
Moreover, zoo visitors weren’t the only ones surprised, as the Columbian white-faced Capuchin scarpered once it realized what it had done.

Zhengzhou Zoo staff member Tian Shuliao explained that this monkey knows how to use tools.

‘This monkey is unlike other monkeys. This one knows how to us…

How Far Will ‘Entitled’ Mom Go After Being Told No When She Asks If Her Kid Can Pet Service Dogs

Being assertive has its advantages, but sometimes, it can get out of hand. Megan Stoff, a dog handler, was at the local shopping mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her dog, Nala.

Then, a mother approached her and asked if her young child could pet Nala, who happened to be on duty at the time.

This was not the first time Megan was asked to allow someone to pet the dogs under her care, but her answer is always negative. This is because this would confuse the dogs and disrupt the learning process.

Service dogs are trained to help people with disabilities, like hearing or visual impairments, diabetes, seizures, mental illness, and mobility impairment. These dogs accompany their owners everywhere they go and help with rudimentary tasks.

They originate from Germany, where the first guide dog training schools were set to care for World War I veterans.

Nowadays, thousands of service dogs are individually trained to work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

There are many differ…

Milkmen Return As Millennials Bid To Cut Plastic Waste

Until fifty or sixty years ago, home milk deliveries from local dairies and creameries used to be a part of the daily routine for many families.

Yet, people started buying milk from the store as it was easier and cheaper, so the milkman started disappearing. Nowadays, people have become aware of the importance of a sustainable way of living, so the milkmen and women of London UK- are making a come back.

Many people prefer to pay more, but help the environment, and avoid plastic and waste.

Pro-glass company My Own Bottle explains that glass is better for the planet, as it is made from all-natural, sustainable raw materials, is 100% recyclable, and can be reused endlessly.

On the other hand, plastic bottles are not biodegradable, so they can stick around for millennia.

Therefore, a growing number of young people try to satisfy their nostalgia for simpler times and go plastic-free, so they dairies in London claim there’s been a surge in interest as more youngsters become concerned with …

Unemployed Appalachian Coal Miners Are Being Retrained As Beekeepers

The US coal industry is on the decline, and this led to the redundancy of about 100,000 miners in West Virginia.  Yet, a new nonprofit believes a new, more environmentally-friendly industry can revive the region: beekeeping.

Appalachian Headwaters operates the Appalachian Beekeeping Collective. The charity was founded in 2016 with funds from a $7.5 million settlement from a lawsuit against coal mine company Alpha Natural Resources for violating the Clean Water Act.
The area now has the highest unemployment rate in the country, and the money has been used to fund environmental restoration projects and to develop sustainable economic opportunities in the region.

The nonprofit organization works to develop sustainable economic opportunities while restoring damaged ecosystems in central Appalachia.

All their current programs, community beekeeping, mined land restoration, and native plant horticultural, are designed and implemented to create local, long-term jobs.

The nonprofit teaches an…

Neuroscience Reveals How Gratitude Literally Rewires Your Brain To Be Happier

Do you say ‘thank you’ just to be polite or do you say it to express your gratitude? According to neuroscientists, if you feel it when you say it, you will be a very happy person. Expressing gratitude may have a huge impact on your overall health.

Psychologist Dr. Robert Emmons of the University of California at Davis and Dr. Michael McCullough of the University of Miami released a study in 2015 to put an emphasis on the physical outcome of practicing gratitude.

A third of the subjects wrote a daily journal of things that happened throughout their week for which they were really grateful. Another third of participants wrote down the things that irritate them on a daily basis.

The last group of participants wrote about the things they had no positive or negative emotional attachment to. After 10 weeks, participants talked about their feelings and their life in general.

The gratitude group was full of optimism and positive thinking. They were happy with their live, and were actually mo…

California Becomes The First State In The US To Ban Animal Fur Products

California is set to become the first state in the US which will ban the manufacture, sale, and purchase of the fur of certain wild animals.

Additionally, California has come together with Hawaii and New Jersey in banning various animals for entertainment and circus performances, except for tamed cats, dogs, and horses. Violation of this law can lead to a fine of $25,000.

On October 13th, the governor Gavin Newsom signed a pair of bills. The sale and manufacture of clothes, handbags, belts or shoes with fur are to cease from 2023.

Mr.Newsom stated:
California is a leader when it comes to animal welfare and today that leadership includes banning the sale of fur.

This is considered to be a huge step against the inhumane practices towards wild animals, which contribute to their endangerment.

The Ethical Treatment of Animals lauded both new laws, and its vice-president, Tracy Reiman, stated:

Today is a historic day for animals in California, including those who have been whipped into p…

Miracle Teenager Survives On His Own For Almost 6 Hours Without Wi-Fi

Teen David Gowan was found in a distressed state wandering through a Dungarvan neighborhood, Waterford, Ireland, holding his smartphone above his head and looking for a Wi-Fi signal.

He was quickly brought to the nearest Starbucks to connect to Wi-Fi, and people at Waterford’s child protection services expressed amazement that the teen fared so well in such a situation, as there are adults who cannot go without internet for that long.

Rumors were circulating that the poor David had lost his ability to speak in any means other than his standard English, having survived for such a long time without using emoji.

Internet addiction is a huge problem worldwide, although the above may be a satirical account to poke fun at the idea of infantilized adults. This obsession, generally referred to as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), causes numerous issues and can even ruin lives.

It is estimated that it affects up to 8.2% of the population, with some sources theorizing that number could be as …

Early Warning signs of Fatty Liver Disease and How To Reverse it Fast

Warning signs of Fatty Liver Disease: The liver is not valued until it takes its toll on health.  Generally speaking, most of us do not pay much attention to our liver which is the largest internal organ. But the liver runs a lot of vital physiological functions on our behalf we could hardly imagine.
The tusks include not only food processing, manufacturing of hormone and protein, fight infections, but also it indulges the pressure of consuming alcohol and rich food. As a result of which excess fat get deposited in the liver and make cause obstruction in normal liver function. If we show a little awareness from the very beginning, we can avoid such critical situation.

I think this is the high time that you must take care of your liver by maintaining your diet and lifestyle. To gather more information about fatty liver, its cause, proper nutrition and home remedies, please stay with us. Here we will try to reveal the facts through discussion.

Few Facts about Liver:  The liver is…

Study Finds Vinegar Kills Germs Just as Well or Better Than Some Commercial Cleaners

We are sorry to inform you that you have wasted all that money on so many different household cleaners, while you’ll only need two things to clean the entire house: vinegar and baking soda.

They can be used separately, together, or mixed with other natural products, and they will always be the healthiest and less toxic way to clean the home.

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a mild alkali that cleans and deodorizes, while vinegar is an acid that is an effective alternative to popular cleaners, including bleach. It also deodorizes and removes rust, mold, and stains.

Here are five reasons why you should replace all those store-bought products and turn to baking soda and vinegar:

1. Non-Toxic While commercial cleaners are full of cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting, DNA-mutating chemicals, these two are non-toxic. Baking soda is a simple, chemical compound of sodium and bicarbonate. It is also found in nature.

Distilled white vinegar is made from fermented grain, and is natural and …

These Photos Perfectly Capture The Stages of Baby Development Before Birth

In 1957, the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson (1922 – 2017) combined his passion for science and photography and compiled a collection of photos of the stages of baby development.
He documented the journey to conception by about two million sperm as they swam six inches upstream from a woman’s cervix to the eggs traveling down her fallopian tubes.

To do so, he used high-definition, three-dimensional ultrasound; a scanning electron microscope; advanced fiber optics; color filters to tint the photographic gray scale; and wide-angle lenses.

Yet, the images he took were not enough clear for publishing since they were in black and white, so he took them again in 1965 using the same process.

Then, LIFE magazine published them due to the clarity and depth with which they show the beginning of life.

LIFE then told its readers:
“Ten years ago, a Swedish photographer named Lennart Nilsson told us that he was going to photograph in color the stages of human reproduction from fertiliza…