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Psychology Test: The First Thing You See Can Reveal What’s Troubling You Right Now

Psychology Test: The First Thing You See Can Reveal What’s Troubling You Right Now
Regardless of if you realize it or not, our subconscious mind captures exactly who we are, it can’t be fooled or compromised. Your eyes see an overall image, but your mind prioritizes what matches your feelings and what’s bothering you the most at this particular moment.

We at Bright Side like different personality tests, but keep in mind that this one is just a fun test, so please, don’t take it too seriously. Unless we got it just right.

1. The panthers
If you spotted the panthers first, the biggest reason for your stress is your personal relationship. You feel that you are losing the connection with your loved one and sometimes you are not even sure where your relationship is going. Bring back the memories of how you felt when you just started your relationship, and maybe all you need to do is just talk about what’s bothering you. Communication is often the key to solving personal issues.

2. The lions
If you saw the lions first, you struggle to deal with all the responsibilities that you have been carrying for a long time. You are so used to taking care of everything and looking after everyone, that you’ve started forgetting yourself.

Your family and friends think that you are incredibly tough and can handle anything, but you feel that you are on the edge and any little thing can become the last straw. You know, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit selfish every now and then and maybe it’s time to spoil yourself and get recharged.

3. The zebras
If the first animals you saw were the zebras, your biggest concern is about your health or the health of someone in your family. Worrying a little bit about health is actually a good thing because it encourages us to have a healthier lifestyle, however, if it turns into health anxiety, it might become a serious problem. There is no point in worrying about something you can’t control or change, keep your life at a healthy level and enjoy it.

4. The giraffes
If the giraffes are the first animals you saw, you concerned about your job and feel very insecure financially. Unfortunately, these days many people have to deal with long-term pressure at work and when the economy slows down it becomes even harder, as the job market gets more competitive.

On the other hand, technology is developing so fast that we all constantly have to learn something new to keep up. If you feel that your job is changing and requires some new skills that you are not very confident about, be honest with yourself, find what you might be lacking, and work on it.

5. The blue bird
If the blue bird was the first thing you spotted, you feel a bit lost and lonely. In modern society, we mainly connect through texting, emails, and shared pictures. Which is great, however, many people are so used to virtual communication that they don’t feel comfortable actually talking to someone. And when they feel isolated and lonely, they just don’t know how to break this pattern.

6. The birds
If you saw the 2 birds first, you feel a bit lonely. You want to talk to someone about your feelings but don’t feel comfortable because you think that they’re too insignificant. Don’t bottle your feelings and trust your friends and family — if it bothers you, it’s significant enough. You have always been a very independent person and over the years learned how to save face.

That’s why your friends may not even realize that you need them right now. Keep in mind, sharing feelings does not equal weakness.

What did you see first? Did we get it right? Tell us about it in the comment section below and make sure that you show this test to your friends.

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for


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