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This Homemade Remedy Is Really Amazing: It cures Varicose Veins, Corns and Cracked Heels in Just 10 Days

As a rule, when we discuss our feet, we can without much of a problem say that dry skin on your feet and cracked heels are the most widely recognized issue. Awful shoes, absence of care, not eating properly and insufficiency of hydration of the skin are the most well-known purposes behind these sorts of issues.
Luckily, there is all natural cure that can help you with this both stylish and well-being issue. This cure, which is made by only 2 substances, will take care of the considerable number of issues that we’ve said above. This astonishing home cure can help you with varicose veins and corns too.


This is what you have to do – blend 250ml 70% liquor and 10 crushed (into dust) aspirins and let it stay for 1-2 days. Blend the subsequent mixture each night and splash a cotton cushions in it. Place the cotton on your heels and afterward wrap with plastic wrap and put it on your socks. Leave it on overnight. Wash, wipe and dry your feet in the morning and apply a greasy crea…