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Cure Your High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Forever!

Amish people have and still are using this homemade remedy for which they claim it improves the immune system and overall wellbeing.
The ingredients that this remedy is consisted from are very healthy and each of them has beneficial health attributes.


● 1 garlic clove (grated)
● 1 tsp. of lemon juice
● 1 piece of grated ginger
● 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar
● 1 tsp. of honey

How to prepare:

Mix all of the above fixings until they unite nicely. If you plan to make more of this mix you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.


The fixings above are for one dosage. Take the remedy before meals three times in one day, but no more than that. Soon after one week of consuming you will begin to see results. You will diminish the high levels of cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.

2 Natural Remedies to Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure isn’t called “the silent killer” for nothing. It is a sneaky condition which affects 1 out of 3 Americans, which equals about 67 millions of people. If you have been diagnosed with it, you might reach for blood pressure drugs which are supposed to bring the pressure down. However, you should know that high blood pressure can be lowered by a healthy lifestyle and some natural remedies.
Natural remedies for high blood pressure Ginger-cardamom tea A 2009 study published in the Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics included two groups of participants of which the first one received a teaspoon of cardamom powder, while the other group was put on placebo. The results showed that the groups that received cardamom had considerably lower blood pressure than before.

Combining cardamom with ginger and cinnamon which are warming spices, can improve your circulation and lower your blood pressure.


● Half a cup of water
● 2 teaspoons of minced fresh ginger

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