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The Most Effective Natural Remedy for Melting Kidney Stones and Gall Bladder!

Water and food are usually responsible for kidney and gallbladder stones and sand. The common symptoms of kidney stones include strong pain on the sides between the ribs and hips and pain in the lower abdomen on the sides. When it comes to gallbladder stones, the symptoms include pain in the stomach and tingling on the right side below the ribs, nausea, bitter taste in the mouth and headaches. The symptoms are usually noticed after a heavy meal.
Although there are different methods for treating the problems, there are natural remedies which can resolve the condition easily. Here’s one such remedy:


250 gr. of powdered sugar

0.25 l. of extra virgin oil

250 gr. of lemon rind

250 gr. of parsley root

250 gr. of organic honey


Wash the lemon well, then cut it into small pieces and blend it. Next, peel the parsley root and chop it finely then mix all the ingredients together before adding the sugar and honey in the end. Mix everything well until you get a smooth texture…

1 Ingredient Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones In Less Than 10 Days

According to statistics 1 in every 20 persons develop kidney stones at least once in their life. If you’ve experienced this condition you know how painful it can be when the stones pass through the urinary tract. Surgery is always an option but most doctors recommend it’s better to flush out the stones naturally if they aren’t too big. This natural process can be quite lengthy and painful but luckily for you we have a 1 ingredient recipe which will help you get rid of the kidney stones in less than 10 days. This natural remedy is cheap and simple but it’s very effective.
The one ingredient you’ll need for this remedy is millet. Millet has been used in medicine for a number of conditions and it can help you eliminate kidney stones in just 10 days.

Millet is one very healthy and nutritious cereal which is very beneficial for our entire body. When it comes to this specific medical condition, millets have the power to dissolve the kidney stones, sand and sludge which build up in the kidn…