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Silent Danger in Your Home More Toxic Than Cigarettes and Cause Respiratory Problems, Headaches and Even Cancer! Use This Instead!

Our stressful living demands some ways to relax and calm our bodies. At times, it is enough to enjoy a hot bathtub and smell the delightful aroma of some aromatherapy candle.
Yet, this method is not as healthy as enjoyable, it seems, as these candles could release lead or a carcinogenic substance in the air we breathe.

Namely, there was an article published in January 2001, named “Candles and Incense as Potential Sources of Indoor Air Pollution: Market Analysis and Literature Review,” by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Research and Development, which reported that the majority of the U.S. manufacturers have agreed to avoid the use of lead in the candles’ wicks.

Yet, apparently, 34.8 percent and 13.4 percent of the candles we use have been imported from Hong Kong and China, where rules and regulations are not that strict and do not involve the same standards as in the U.S. This means that imported candles contain toxic ingredients.

The research of the EPA’s states th…