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Fat Burning Soup Recipe - You Lose Weight Quickly and Healthy

The quick diets which are very popular around the world nowadays make you lose weight, but put your health at risk at the same time. This is why experts recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly if you want to shed weight in time for the summer, and the fat-busting soup we have for you will help you achieve that.

This famous soup contains only natural ingredients and has already helped thousands of people lose weight. It can be eaten whenever you’re feeling hungry, and it will help you lose a lot of weight naturally and without any health problems.

The soup eliminates toxins from your body and burns the excess fat. The routine should be followed for a week – afterwards, you should continue with your normal diet.

Here’s how to prepare it:


* Half a cabbage

* 2 green peppers

* 3 celery stalks

* 6 tomatoes

* 6 large onions

* Spices


Wash and chop the ingredients first, then put them in a pot of water and bring the mixture to a boil. Once they are soft en…

Alkaline Water Recipe To Quickly Alkalize Your Body, Lose Weight And Prevent Fatigue

Drinking an adequate amount of water on a daily basis is one of the easiest ways to maintain your proper health. Water is extremely important for our organs to perform their function properly.
To maintain proper hydration levels and prevent the development of diseases, you should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. However, in some cases, this liquid is not enough on its own, so your body needs a little alkalinity, so you can regulate the pH levels.

For that purpose, we have a homemade remedy that will reduce the levels of acid in your body, and will supply your body with the essential nutrients. But first, let’s find out more why this alkaline water is so beneficial!

Why should I drink alkaline water? To remain healthy, the pH of our body must stay between 7.35-7.45. Well, consuming acidic foods has a huge influence on this and can alter these levels. As a result, our organs deal with different problems when trying to carry out their functions. With the increase of toxins, tissues st…

This Is What Make The Models For 30 Days For All Abdominal Fat Burn

Losing weight can sometimes cost a lot, especially in those who are overweight.

The big problem is all the people who think that have never kilos will disappear and give up without even trying other alternatives.

This article will provide information on a diet so you can lose those kilos that you got from faster.

The idea of this recipe is that fasting should drink a drink and if you drink every day for a month will get incredible results.

This drink is 100% natural, so keep reading to learn how you must do to make it work.

The recipe will need only two ingredients, and works to burn all the abdominal fat that we have more, it will also help eliminate excess fluid and reduce bloating.

The best thing about this diet is that it takes very little time to prepare, in just five minutes you can prepare this excellent drink so if you are one of those people who have this great time.

The necessary ingredients:
● A lemon
● 60 grams of parsley
● eight ounces of …

Worth Trying: Only Two Cups A Day For 7 Days For A Completely Flat Stomach!

The weight-loss recipe we recommend here has given amazing results in everyone who’s tried it. In fact, many women claim to have lost one centimeter of their waistline by using this drink only on a regular basis.
If your weight is bothering you and you’d like to reduce some of your waistline, this recipe could be the ideal weight-loss tool for you. And, it doesn’t only melt excess fat all over your body, but it also boosts your health on many different levels. Just to name a few, it removes toxins from your body, fights water retention, and improves vision and brain function.

The method of preparation is another thing that makes this recipe very appealing. All you do is mix these 3 common ingredients in a glass and drink it all up.

● 1 tsp. honey,
● 2 tsps. apple cider vinegar, and
● 1 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice.

Mix all the ingredients in a glass. Stir until they blend well.

Ideally, you should take this fat-burning drink before lunch or dinner …

Lose Weight,Firm Your Breast And Rid Your Body Of Toxins With This Drink!

Carrying around excess weight is an unpleasant issue for anyone. We all want to have a healthy and fit body. So, if you have gained some weight, you should act as fast as possible and get rid of it before it can accumulate on your body.

However, we all know that weight loss is not an easy task. Well, here is some good news: there is an extremely helpful ally in the fight against the extra pounds -- pineapple!
This fruit has been found to be effective in the fight against excess weight. Even though it has a sweet taste, it is low in calories and energy density. Moreover, pineapples are abundant in healthy nutrients, such as vitamin C, manganese, foliate, and copper.

Pineapples are also a rich source of the healthy plant compound bromelain. This compound promotes health, boosts the immune system, prevents cancer, accelerates wound healing, and helps digestion.

According to experts, bromelain can break blood proteins, and thus prevent and treat inflammations. It also fights free radica…

This Tea Will Melt Your Fat Away And Flush Out The Excess Water From Your Body

When it comes to weight loss we all want to read about a magical recipe that will melt our fat away and make us thin and slim in a matter of days. If only it was that easy, there would be no weight problems in the world. If you’ve ever struggled with excess weight you probably know by now that there is no universal solution that works wonders for everyone, but there are certain ingredients and recipes which can stimulate weight loss and help you burn fat faster, helping you to achieve the desired goal much easier. This article is dedicated to one such recipe, which has helped many shed the extra pounds, flush out the excess water and stop water retention which is often the root cause for your bloated appearance.
In this article we’ll share with you the amazing weight loss boosting properties of parsley. Yes, parsley, the common ingredient in almost every salad and the perfect ally in your fight against excess weight. Parsley is a green biennial plant, native to Europe and the Eastern…

Simple 2 Ingredient Drink Burns Your Belly Fat In Record Time

It is recommended to drink a lot of fluid if you want to get rid of belly fat. You should pay more attention to drinks that have ingredients that burn fat.
Let give an example, mint increases the activity of bile in fat digestion process. Furthermore, lemon improves the taste and helps you to avoid sweeteners, which are bad for the flat stomach.

This beverage helps your body to flush out the toxins and rise your energy levels. Also, it is fresh and interesting. This drink hydrates your body right after waking up, after many hours without water.

Needed ingredients:

● 15 mint leaves
● 2 ½ cups of lemon juice

How to prepare the drink:

In an ice cube container pour the lemon juice and place one mint leaf in every cube. Add 3 solid ice cubes in a glass of water three times daily. If you want, you can consume this beverage more than 3 times daily.

Drinking this in the morning increases your metabolism and cleanses your body.

Benefits of the ingredients:

This herb has been used for many ye…

I Tried This Tea Of 3 Ingredients: 7 Days Later, My Waist Was 8 Cm Thinner!

This amazing 3-ingredient weight loss recipe has recently taken the world by storm and for a good reason. People have been reporting amazing results from just a week use of the tea! Here’s how to prepare it:

● 800 ml. of water

● 1 cinnamon stick

● 3 bay leaves

● A tablespoon of green tea


Boil the water first, then add the other ingredients, cover the tea and leave it for 15 minutes. Strain it in the end and it’s done.

You need to drink 3 cups of the tea every day for a week – drink the first cup on an empty stomach in the morning, the second after breakfast and the third just before going to bed. This will help you eliminate fat in the critical zones (abdomen, thighs, buttock) quickly, and you will get incredible results after only a week. People who have tried it have reported losing as much as 8 cm. in waist circumference after 7 days! Amazing, isn’t it? Try it yourself and get rid of your belly fat easily!

Drink This Before Bedtime And Wake Up Every Morning With Less Weight! (Recipe)

Honey is true gift of nature. Another very useful product from the nature is cinnamon. This spice has many useful properties, such as improving of complexion, lowering cholesterol, increases blood flow and it is perfect for the heart, stomach, intestines. Probably the most important property is that is amazingly beneficial in the process of burning fat in the body.
You can use cinnamon as a supplement to your meals. For example, you can add ¼ teaspoon to every meal. Also you can replace sugar with cinnamon, fully or partially or make a special mixture for weight loss and drinking it regularly.

In this article we are going to present you drink that you should consume before bedtime. Probably you have all of the ingredients in the kitchen.

Every night before you go to bed, you should drink a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder.

With regular consummation, this drink will reduce your weight. Additionally, the regular use of this mixture does not allow the fat to accumulate.


An Effective Method That Has Delighted Women Reduce Waist and Get Rid of Cellulite!

Try treatment “Honey twisting” to reduce the volume of certain parts of the body. Honey is rich in vitamins E, C, B group and most importantly – these vitamins are found in its structure long.
1.Put in hot water vapor small amount of honey, add the cinnamon and apply on problematic parts of the body. Na 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon cinnamon leaves.

2. Screw the ordinary household foil, put on warm things.

3. Sit or lie down and cover the still warm blanket. Hold it for 30-40 minutes. It is recommended to drink hot tea, preferably green.

4. After that, remove the cellophane, and then do the following treatment:
stick palms the zone where the honey, then quickly odljepljujte. Do it as intensively, 5-10 minutes. It will hurt a little, but so out toxins through the pores of the skin. This is a normal response and indicates that the toxins out.

5. Take a shower with warm water. Use a scrub for the body, rub in place of honey twist. Dry and put on the skin moisturizer.

Twice a year is …

Drink This Beverage Every Morning On AN Empty Stomach And Say Goodbye To Belly Fat!

Many people are struggling with their weight, but being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean you are unhealthy.

However, there are also people with normal weight but have metabolic issues with obesity due to the belly fat that causes the problems and not the fat under your skin.
You need to remove this belly fat regardless if you are overweight or normal weight. The following recipe will help you with that issue. You will just need few ingredients:

● 1 kg lemon
● 5-6 laces parsley
● 3 liters water
● 1 bag baking soda


First you need to wash the lemons in cold water and put them in a bowl with warm water. Add the baking soda and leave them to sit in the bowl for an hour.
Chop the parsley, together with the stems, into small pieces. Chop the lemons with the rind.
Place them all together in a pot and pour 3 liters of water. Cook it on low heat for 2-3 hours.
Strain the liquid and you will get 1.5 liters of syrup that should last for 15 days if consumed regularly.
Consume this …

NO EXERCISE: While You Sit, This Beverage Burns The Calories And Melts The Fat Deposits!

This recipe is ideal for all people trying to lose weight, but not having enough time for a regular workout routine or a strict dietary regimen. Aside from being extremely easy to prepare (it takes but a couple of minutes!), this recipe comprises only 2 ingredients, both of which set your metabolism into fat-burning mode.
You are not bound to exercising or starving – just make yourself a cup of this beverage and enjoy your favorite TV show. This drink will burn your fat deposits regardless of what you do. Plus, the two ingredients – cinnamon and honey are packed with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other medicinal properties, which boost your overall health.


● 2 honey
● 1 cinnamon
● 1 cup of water


Bring the water t a boil then add the cinnamon. Remove from heat and leave it to cool. When the brew is lukewarm, add the honey and stir well.

Dr. Receive Threats Oz Show This Grapefruit-Based Drink That Is Fat Burning During The Day And Night Sleep Tight

To the world, obesity and overweight has become a public health problem because it is considered among the leading causes of development of degenerative diseases: diabetes and hypertension. Although not everything has to do with an eating habit, since sleep could be key to weight loss.
Losing weight is easier for some than others, there are certainly some people who gain weight faster than others. The famous Dr. Oz shared a drink made of natural ingredients to burn fat before meals, then the recipe.

Diets can be our allies to lose weight but can also become hostile when we abuse them or not perform properly. We assume as the diet, which refers to the set, combination and amounts of healthy foods we eat.

On those occasions when we want to lose weight we are not sufficiently constant and do not have time to follow a low calorie diet, or we supplement our daily diet, there is a drink that besides helping to lose weight during the day also we It helps you burn fat overnight.

The drink wi…

Liquid ‘Bomb’ That Will Shrink Your Waistline Overnight!

People seem to like the fast lifestyle of modern times.They like it simple and instant, starting from recipes for food, ending with remedies for health solutions. We all tend to achieve fast and effective solutions for our problems, especially for the  appearance issues like weight or  dull skin.Many women who have problems with gaining weight , face the discomfort of getting ready for different occasions. The  problem is in the feeling  of embarrassment with their  own bodies, many of them feel embarrassed because of their overweight and their physical appearance.
In this article we introduce you a drink which will reduce the extra fat from the most critical areas of your body. You will feel the difference overnight, with this amazingly effective  but also delicious fat-burning drink. It’s very healthy too.

The recipe:

 The magical Ingredients are:

● 2 tbps of apple cider vinegar
● 250 ml grapefruit juice
● only one spoon of honey

How to prepare this great drink:

Simply put the magical…

Here’s How I Lost 18 Kilograms: Lose Up To 5 Kilograms In Just One Week With These Two Ingredients

If you wish to lose weight with this diet, it’s extremely important for you to consume bananas with warm water.
 This healthy combination will boost up your metabolism and it will help you lose weight much faster and more efficient.

 You should eat 2 bananas and drink 2 glasses of warm water in the morning, on empty stomach. The water should be more hot, then cold.

You can eat whatever you want for the other meals, but it’s also extremely important for you not to eat anything after 18h.

You can eat banana and drink glass of warm water as a substitute for a between meal snack.

It’s highly recommended for you to avoid eating candies and sugary stuff, and replace them with bananas with some warm water.

You need to drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

Drink This Before Bedtime And Wake Up Every Morning With Less Weight! (Recipe)

Natural remedies are certainly more useful and also beneficial than the medicines we buy. Probably everyone knows how useful honey is. There are many useful properties of cinnamon. It improves the complexion, lowers cholesterol, increases blood flow, it’s perfect for the heart, stomach, intestines and what is most important – it’s the best to burn fat in the body!
Simply use cinnamon as a supplement to all the dishes after a quarter of a teaspoon to every meal, replace sugar with cinnamon, fully or partially or prepare a special mixture for weight loss and drink it regularly. This article will present you a drink that you should take before bedtime. You’ll wake up refreshed and with less pounds! The most important things is that you already have all of the ingredients in the kitchen.

How to prepare:
Boil 200 ml of water and add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Leave it to rest for half an hour. When the water is a little bit colder, add 1 teaspoon honey and leave it in the fridge. Dri…


Besides being inexpensive, tasty and calorie-free, we bring you a drink that has three benefits: clean the body of toxins, increases metabolism and helps with weight loss.
In addition to apples, the main ingredient of this juice is cinnamon.

Antioxidants from it in fact stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the craving for carbohydrates, while not encouraging excessive secretion of insulin, which is an important factor in successful weight loss.

Regular provoke insulin promotes deposition of fat in the body. Using cinnamon, experts say, the secretion of insulin will be under control, which will enable successful fat loss.

Studies have shown that taking only half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol, and it also helps with poor digestion and helps reduce triglycerides.

What you need is:

● 1 Apple
● One cinnamon stick (or a teaspoon of cinnamon powder)
● 1.5 to two liters of boiled or filtered water

Prepare the apple slices, add cinnamon and cover wi…

Bedtime Weight Loss Drink – Easy and Powerful

The process of losing weight almost always begins with reducing the number of calories you eat and increasing the number of calories you burn.

The most readily variable method of burning calories is physical activity, so exercise goes hand-in-hand with healthy nutrition in losing weight.
When your body faces a caloric deficit, it must turn to stored sources of energy to meet its caloric needs.

Most of the body’s excess calories are stored as fat, and the goal of most people in losing weight is to lose fat.

As the body needs more energy than it takes in through food, it turns to these reserves (in addition to glycogen/sugar and sometimes protein reserves), and fat stores begin to deplete.

By drinking just one glass of this juice before bed, you will greatly reduce your fat levels – especially your belly fat.

When we go to sleep, our metabolism significantly slows down. The ingredients in this drink will give your metabolism a jump start so that it will continue burning fat while you s…

Drink This Before You Go To Sleep and You Will Reduce Belly Fat in No Time

In this article you will find an amazing recipe which can be very beneficial for those who constantly struggle with belly fat and have never found the right way to reduce it.

This drink has the ability to eliminate body fat, especially that in the belly area.
Really simple drink and easy to prepare and will eliminate those stubborn fatty layers from your body and obtain great results within a very short period of time. All you need to do is to consume a glass of it on daily basis, before bedtime.

Belly fat is a stubborn tissue and cannot be fought easily or quickly, but there is no room for despair. This drink will finally bring you the wanted results, since it will successfully eliminate excess belly fat and you will be able to accomplish your desired aim.

You must know that human metabolism slower when we are asleep. Consequently, this drink will use this to help your body burn calories and will boost your metabolism during sleeping. Absolutely awesome!

The ingredients of this bell…

Drink This And You’ll Lose 8 Pounds Of Belly Fat In Just 3 Days

Diet is very important for losing belly fat
It is very important to exercise regularly if you want to have a flat, nice and healthy looking belly. We all know that the abs are 10% made in the gym and 90% are made in the kitchen. If you want your story to be a success you have to eat healthy and be aware of the food that you eat.
We present you recipe for a drink which can help you to reshape your stomach

One of the best motivators for starting a healthy diet and regular exercise is success. This drink will help you to achieve your goals. The making of this drink will take only few minutes of your time and you will get amazing results. It is very simple and easy to do and you will be more than happy to start with your healthy diet.

1. Take a little bit of fresh parsley and process it in a high-speed blender.
2. Take one whole lemon and squeeze it. Add the juice in the blender.
3. Add half a cup of water in the blender and process for a few seconds.

It is a mixture that can help you in…